Explosive Incident Occurs at Metal Recycling Facility

Raleigh, North Carolina Two workers at the Raleigh Metal Processors plant were injured when an explosive incident occurred during a scrap metal recycling process. The two workers were taken to a nearby medial facility for observation. The two were reported to be in good condition and released.

The metal recycling facility is set up to process munitions debris (i.e. non hazardous items) but it appears that some hazardous munitions items got co-mingled with the scrap that was being processed. It is unknown at this time exactly what type of munition or explosive configuration caused the incident. The incident however sparked an in depth investigation by local Authorities.

The EOD unit from Fort Bragg was called to help support the investigation. The EOD unit reportedly found other items that potentially presented an explosive hazard. These items were safely detonated by EOD in a series of controlled demolition shots. Nearby neighbors were evacuated and streets were closed during the detonations.

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