Blast Rocks Munitions Depot - 3 Dead 1 Missing

Yahsihan, Turkey A blast at an Army Ammunition depot in the Kirikkale province killed at least three civilian security guards on the night watch. The blast occurred shortly after midnight in 4-story building reported as a TNT warehouse.

The blast was heard from 15-miles away. Firefighters and rescue personnel responding recovered three bodies from the blast zone with a 4th man on the night watch reportedly still missing. Authorities are investigating the blast to determine the cause. Initial indications suggest that the blast may have been caused by gas pressure build-up.

The incident was a deadly reminder of the hazards of ammunition storage and disposal facilities. The incident was not the first for the community to endure. In 1997, an explosion at a state-run weapons plant caused a fire that took days to extinguish causing the evacuation of thousands of residents.


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