Ireland Government Continues to Support International UXO Programs

Vientiane, Laos The Government of Ireland pledged $2.7M in aid over the next 3 years to continue efforts to manage UXO in Laos. The aid will strengthen the Laos National Regulatory Authority and UXO Laos, the two national institutions which deal with UXO issues. Plans for the funding include supporting policy making, UXO coordination, field operations, and education and training efforts.

Ireland's Ambassador to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos Damien Cole spoke at the ceremony marking the contribution stating that he expected the UXO program to "continue the battle to rid Laos of the scourge of UXO and reduce the negative effects these have on Laos' economic and social development."

This latest donation adds to the $4.7M that Ireland has provided in support of UXO issues in Laos since 2006.

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