WWII Era RGP Components Brought To Police Station

Sunnyvale, California The city's police department was evacuated after a box containing WWII era grenades were brought into the lobby by two residents. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad was called to respond.

The bomb squad x-rayed the components of three rocket propelled grenades confirming the components did not contain any explosives. The bomb squad removed the items from the police station for proper off-site disposal.


The locals who dropped off the items told police that they found the item in their parent's garage. In a posting on the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety's Facebook page stated - "The citizens who brought them in had good intentions...... However, if you happen to ever come across any explosives; please do not touch them of attempt to transport them anywhere. Call 911 immediately."

Police say the unidentified man and woman are not facing any charges.


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