UXO Disposal Operation Sparks Wildfire

Oyen, Canada A UXO disposal operation conducted on Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Suffield is suspected of causing a wildfire which destroyed a farm including six structures and farm vehicles and equipment. The Base Commander told reporters that a disposal operation aboard the base sparked a wildfire which took a number of assets from both the base and off-base to control.

At the same time firefighters were fighting the on-base fire, a grass fire started north of the base with caused an evacuation of a school and 40 area residents. Twenty fire engines, 10 water trucks and other assets from several jurisdictions were deployed to battle the blaze. The fire destroyed farm owned by an 89-year old farmer whose family has been farming the area for at least two generations.

An investigation is underway to determine if the fire caused by the UXO disposal operation on-base was the cause of the grass fire off-base. If the two fires are determined to be linked, the impacted locals will be allowed to submit a claim to the Government for damages sustained.

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