Army Commands Must Now Seek Alternatives to OB/OD

Washington, D.C. The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment (ASA IE&E) issued a memorandum that Army Commands make a concerted effort to reduce reliance on Open Burn (OB) as a method for disposal of explosives-contaminated waste and explosive wastes.

Definitions are provided for "explosives-contaminated wastes" (e.g, plastic, paper, cardboard, packaging that is found by a qualified individual to be contaminated with explosives) and "explosives waste" (e.g., out of spec products, limited quantities of production waste).

The memo further states that by 2024, the treatment of such material by OB will be prohibited.

The policy also requires Army Commands to identify, plan, budget, and procure alternate technologies and terminate OB of wastes that is not or could not possibly be contaminated with explosives.

The ASA IE&E memo on OB of Waste Material dated November 1, 2018 can be downloaded from

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