Ordnance Used As Doorstop

Omaha, Nebraska EOD from the 155th Civil Engineer Squadron responded to a call from the Omaha Police Department's (OPD's) Bomb Squad after an old military ordnance was turned in on fireworks amnesty day. The day is offered to provide the opportunity for citizens to turn in illegal items such as weapons, fireworks, or military ordnance without penalty.

The 8-inch diameter projectile had no visible markings and luckily was not live. The bomb squad properly disposed of the munition which the prior owner had reportedly modified by welding two bars onto the side to use it as a door stop for his barn.



UXO Stuck in Excavator is Safely Removed

Agat, Guam The Guam Police and Fire Departments responded to 911 reports of a UXO at a construction site near the Agat Mayors Office. The round was reportedly stuck in the teeth of an excavator. Navy EOD unit Detachment Marianas was called to move the item to a safe location where it was properly disposed of through a controlled detonation.


Civilian Divers Find WWII Era Bomb

Teignmouth, United Kingdom A Royal Navy Bomb Disposal team based in Plymouth has been dispatched to Devon beach following reports of an unexploded bomb in the water. The UXO was discovered by two civilian divers north of Teignmouth pier. The divers took pictures of the item (shown below) before reporting the item to the police.



Residents Concerned Over Abandoned Bombs

Formby, United Kingdom An area slated for development of 97 housing units next spring is suspected of containing UXO. Concerns over the UXO were raised after historical records reviewed from the 1940s indicated that two bombs fell in the area in 1941 that did not explode. The historic records indicated that the two UXO items were "abandoned", as opposed to exploded or removed as indicated for other UXO items that fell in the area.

A copy of one of the archival records is shown below.



Tourist Attempts to Clear UXO Through Austrian Customs

Vienna, Austria Panic ensued at the Vienna Airport when an American tourist traveling back to the US from Austria attempted to bring a WWII UXO home. The unidentified 24-year-old told local authorities she found the shell on a hike.

A bomb disposal unit was called in when she attempted to take the shell through customs. A portion of the arrivals and luggage section of the airport was shut down during the response. She reportedly explained to authorities that after she found it, she took it back to her hotel room and cleaned it off so it wouldn't get her clothes dirty in her luggage.



Unexploded Avalanche Charge Removed

Breckenridge, Colorado An unexploded avalanche charge was found in the area of Peak 7 on National Forest land in Summit County. Although the county is under State 1 Fire Restrictions which prohibits the use of any explosives, an exemption was granted to allow the local sheriff's office to counter charge the device to dispose of the hazard.



Grenade Found Buried in Milwaukee Mud

Oak Creek, Wisconsin Police and Milwaukee County bomb squad responded to a residence following reports of a hand grenade found buried in the mud by a landscaping crew. Bomb disposal officers determined it to be an M67 hand grenade. Upon inspection, the bomb disposal officer deemed it inert and of no danger. It was removed from the property for proper disposal.

Mother Of Three Tries Selling UXO On Ebay

Lincolnshire, United kingdom A 49 year old mother of three got the surprise of her life when a would be buyer told her that the item she was selling on Ebay was actually live. She obtained the munition item from a box of various collectibles she bought at a recent auction. The box contained miscellaneous toys, old clocks, and what she thought was an inert munition item.

Not knowing any better, the woman actually let her kids handle and play with the round and even reportedly planned to allow one of her kids (ages 11, 15 and 17) to take the item to a school for a 'show and tell' lesson. Luckily, that never happened.



Search Expands for WWII Era River Bomb

Budapest, Hungary an underwater search team has been dispatched to the River Danube near the Elizabeth Bridge to locate a unexploded WWII era Soviet bomb. The bomb was reportedly spotted two days earlier by civilian divers lying in the river bed near Elizabeth Bridge.

Danube River.JPG


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