Royal Navy EOD Disposes Of German Bomb

Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom Civilian divers working with Historic England discovered a bomb underwater near the site of a 350-year-old protected shipwreck close to Southend Pier. The divers reported the find to authorities who contacted the Royal Navy from Portsmouth to investigate. Portsmouth EOD divers reportedly identified the ordnance as a WWII era German "parachute ground mine containing a main charge of 697kg of Hexamite."

EOD planned the operation and which was complex and difficult due to weather conditions and low visibility in the area. The team conducted nearly 20 dives over a six day period to lift the mine from the wreck and slowly tow it for five miles to the disposal site at Shoeburyness where it was disposed of in a controlled underwater demo event.



Cleanup Leads to UXO Find in NY Yard

Watertown, New York When Brad Castor hit something unexpectedly hard while tearing down a retaining wall on his property, the Army vet was surprised to discover it was an old military ordnance. He notified authorities who responded to evacuate the area.



Cannonballs Wash Ashore From Hurricane Dorian

Folly Island, South Carolina Seashell hunters spotted two suspicious items on Folly Beach near an old Coast Guard Base while searching through debris following Hurricane Dorian. The Charleston County bomb disposal team responded and notified a US Air Force EOD for technical assistance.


EOD identified the items as Civil War-era ordnance including one 8" shell and one 3" shell. EOD safely removed the items for disposal.


Unintentional Rocket Firing

Tucson, Arizona A US Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt II accidentally fired off a rocket outside of the designated firing range on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The attack aircraft, assigned to the 354th Fighter Squadron from the 355th Wing, released an M-156 WP rocket while on a training mission. The rocket landed in the Jackal Military Operations Area outside of the designated impact area.

From Basement Cleanout to Base Evacuation

Martinsburg, West Virginia A local resident who was cleaning out a basement found an ordnance item and decided on his own to drive the ordnance to the 167th Airlift Wing of the West Virginia Air National Guard. Upon arriving to the base, security personnel notified police and an evacuation of the area was ordered.

An EOD Team from Andrews Air Force Base was dispatched to identify the ordnance and to provide technical support. EOD identified the ordnance as an inert training round, specific type not reported. Residents were allowed to return to their homes after the nearly 4 hour ordeal.

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