M2S2 Webinar to Focus on Munitions Classification

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will be hosting another Military Munitions Support Services (M2S2) webinar on Tuesday, 25 February, 1300 - 1630 EST. The webinar will have "Munitions Classification" as the central theme and will offer several presentations on latest developments in advanced geophysics for "classifying" buried munitions.

Those interested in the webinar should register at http://www.clu-in.org/conf/tio/m2s2fy14-3/

Looking for UXO Opportunities - Look No More

Nova Scotia, Canada The International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM) seeks sponsors for the 5th IDUM in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada 28-29 May 2014. The Dialogue will follow NATO Science for Peace (Chemical Weapons) Program 26-27 May 2014. IDUM is a Co-Director of the NATO Program in the Baltic Sea. The week will be jammed-packed with events and end with a one day Economic Summit 30 May 2014 to discuss strategies to develop opportunities related to underwater munitions for marine, environment and defense industries. Do not miss these important week long events on Underwater Munitions Policy, Science, Technology and Responses. There is still time for your organization to be included in the agenda for underwater demonstrations. We have tenative ROV's, AUV's, Sensors, UXO Dive Team and the US Navy Mammal (Dolphins) Program for the 5th IDUM.

IDUM cooperated in the past years with individuals, industry and governments and will continue to cooperate with stakeholders to constructively engage in underwater munitions policy, science, technologies and responses. Some underwater munitions sites in Canada are located off the east and west coasts, the Great Lakes, Bay of Fundy and St Lawrence River. Experts believe the amounts of munitions in our in-land waterways, lakes, seas and oceans can be measured in the millions of tons.


Merry Christmas From UXOInfo.com

Upcoming Event - M2S2 Webinar on Quality

The FY14 Military Munitions Support Services (M2S2) webinars are almost upon us. Please be sure to register at http://www.clu-in.org/live/

FY13 was the inaugural year for the Military Munitions Support Services (M2S2) webinar series and industry participation helped make it a tremendous success.

For FY14, each webinar will be organized around a central M2S2 theme and will offer a variety of subject matter experts speaking on specific topics related to the theme.

The schedule and theme for the FY14 M2S2 webinars is shown below starting with the December 19 webinar on quality.


2nd Annual Wounded Warrior Hunt

Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana Six wounded EOD technicians from across the military branches, recently enjoyed a weekend of camaraderie and hunting on the Barksdale Air Force Base during the second annual Barksdale Wounded Warrior Hunt. The event was organized Bill Lee and led by his team, volunteers, and sponsors.

The event is organized around the idea the being outside provides healing in an atmosphere of solitude and reflection, while also providing the wounded soldiers with an opportunity to tell their stories and get a break from hospital rooms and therapy.


9-11 Let Us Never Forget

In remembrance of horrible terrorist attack that occurred on this day 12 years ago, UXOInfo.com would like to acknowledge the victims who lost their lives on that day. The 9-11 attack has impacted this entire nation and has certainly impacted the EOD and First Responder Community tremendously. UXOInfo.com would like to thank all of the military EOD and civilian bomb disposal technicians who are serving on the front lines on the war on terror. Thank you for your service and all you do to detect and defeat IEDs and other threats.

Merry Christmas From UXOInfo.com

Wounded EOD Warriors Foundation Event

Fredericksburg, Virginia Join the Wounded EOD Warriors Foundation at Bailey's Pub and Grille in Fredericksburg on Saturday, October 27th for premium cigars, a delicious good buffet, great company and entertainment.

When: Saturday, October 27, 2012
Where: Bailey's Pub and Grille


Wounded EOD Warrior Event

Wounded Warrior

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