U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville (CEHNC)

Now called the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, (CEHNC) the Center is a specialized agency of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Huntsville Center missions involve programs that are national or broad in scope; require integrated facilities that cross geographical boundaries; require commonality, standardization, multiple-site adaptation, or technology transfer; require a centralized management structure for the effective control of program development, coordination, and execution; or require services not normally provided by other Corps’ elements.

The Corps of Engineers, Huntsville has a large Ordnance and Explosives (OE) program and are responsible for funding a majority of direct UXO removal or clean up work in DoD. The following table outlines past, present and predicted future Formally Used Defense Site (FUDS) and Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) funding (in millions) within the OE mission area.

Program / YearFY99FY00FY01FY02

CEHNC funds OE related projects are year long on as needed basis. Projects range from UXO removal to research and development to various UXO support and engineering efforts. UXOInfo.com will keep you posted on active open opprotunities.

For more information contact:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville
P.O. Box 1600
Huntsville, AL 35807-4301
Street Address: 4820 University Square