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May 2019

A Call For Remembrance and a Call For Support

Dear UXOInfo.com Readers,

We enjoy bringing you the UXO E-Newsletter every month and also enjoying hearing from readers from across the globe who have a shared interest in UXO. Although Memorial Day has past, I would like to remind everyone to continue to remember the sacrifices that our military service members (past and present) have made to ensure the safety of our country.

I would like to take some time to ask our readers for some assistance in a couple of areas including reviewing the list of Bomb Disposal (BD), Mine Disposal (MD), and EOD technicians buried at Arlington National Cemetery featured in an article below to assist the National EOD Association in their efforts to develop an accurate listing.

I would also like to call on our readers to consider submitting articles, images, and/or technical documents for posting and sharing on UXOInfo.com. Eveyone benefits when information is shared. To share your own story related to UXO, please contact Rhonda Crowley at rhonda@uxoinfo.com for details on how to submit an article.

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23 May 2019

Residents Sue State Environmental Department of Over UXO

Honolulu, Hawaii The state Supreme Court heard arguments in a lawsuit raised by two residents over the Army's live-fire training at the Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island. The lawsuit against the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) alleges that the Department failed to protect ceded lands from UXO contamination as a result of the Army's use of the area for military training.

The state Supreme Court case comes as a result of the state filing an appeal from the circuit court case where the judge ruled that that the state should do more to protect lands from destruction by pressuring the Army to address potential UXO at the site. In that case, the residents cited internal memos from 2011 and 2013 where DLNR acknowledged there was a likelihood or possibility of UXO on public trust ceded land yet according the plaintiffs' attorney, DLNR did nothing including never writing a letter "asking the Army can you clean things up."

Since 1964, the state has leased 22,900 acres at the Pohakuloa Training Area to the U.S. Army as part of a 65-year agreement. At the hearing, the plaintiffs and their attorneys talked about the UXO on Kaho'olawe island as an example of the consequences of munitions training. Deputy solicitor general, Ewan Rayner, stated "The DLNR and officials considered the U.S. to be in compliance with the lease so in order for plaintiffs to show it was incorrect, they have to allege and show it was wrong."

25 May 2019

Store Keeps Live Grenade On Display

Tumon, Guam Navy EOD was called to remove a live WWII era grenade from a clothing shop after a military service member shopping in the store noticed it on display. The store manager told authorities who responded that "a beachgoer" had dropped it off at the store about two weeks ago. The store manager also stated, "It was all rusted and everything and we thought it looked like a cool artifact."

First responders from the police and fire departments evacuated the area as EOD removed the grenade which was reported as live although the fuze was missing.

Following the incident, the Guam Homeland Security and the Office of Civil Defense reminded residents and visitors in a public release to practice the "3Rs of Explosive Safety" when any ordnance or munition is encountered.

14 May 2019

School Evacuated Over Ordnance Concerns

Wells, United Kingdom Police were called to Alderman Peel High School following reports that a student brought ordnance which he found on the beach to school. After seeing what was described as a corroded cylindrical metal object about 5 inches in length that looked suspicious, the principal evacuated the school and called the police.

Police called in an EOD team to investigate the item. EOD confirmed that the item was not hazardous and the school was re-opened to students. Police did remove the item from the school and thanked school officials for calling them to report the find. The police did state that the student had not acted maliciously, but rather brought in his beach find to "show his friends."

7 May 2019

Swimming Pool Install Results In UXO Finds

Shangqiu, China Workers digging for a pool uncovered some suspicious objects in the dirt. The unaware workers initially thought the items were bricks or scrap metal debris. However, after a few more finds, the construction team became concerned and reported the finds to the authorities.

Shangqiu police responded and called in bomb disposal personnel for assistance. Within a day, more than 3,000 munitions related items were excavated from the area. Authorities suspect that the rusty munitions can be traced back 70 years to the Second Sino-Japanese War. The ordnance included hand grenades, mortars, and incendiary bombs, specific types not reported. The items were safely relocated by bomb disposal personnel for proper disposal.

UXO-Related History Remembered

1922 - 75 mm Shrapnel Round

This month we bring you an photograph taken on May 2,1922 of a complete disassembled 75mm shrapnel round.

If you have any UXO history you would like to share including documents, images, and/or articles for posting, please send them to Rhonda at rhonda@uxoinfo.com.

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7 May 2019

Man Finds UXO While Mowing Lawn

Texarkana, Texas A man mowing his lawn at his house on Magnolia Street noticed something unusual sticking out of the ground.

After digging around the item to get a better view, he noticed it was ordnance. The man then called the local police department to report the find.

The police responded with technical support from the Barksdale AFB EOD unit. EOD safely relocated the UXO to a large field behind a nearby community park where it was safely detonated in a controlled disposal operation.

Police are unsure of how the ordnance ended up in the yard of a home in a residential neighborhood or how long it had been there.

5 May 2019

Impact Area Fire Grows to 4,000 Acres

Alaska The federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Alaska Fire Service are tracking the Oregon Lakes fire which has grown to over 28,000 acres. The firing is burning within the Donnelly Training Area and doesn't immediately threaten any structures.

Crews fighting the fire are not working within the impact area of the military training area because of the potential for UXO. The human-caused fire was first reported April 30. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

UXO Technician Opportunities (Immediate Need) - MD, VA, and DE

I have multiple projects to staff including short and long term projects at various locations in and around the MD, VA, and DE area including positions at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), MD and Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA.

Multiple positions open from UXO Technicians Levels II through SUXOS. All technicians must meet DDESB Technical Paper 18 qualifications. Positions at APG require former military EOD experience.

Several Technician Level II and III positions are an immediate need so please contact me ASAP if you're interested.

Incentives include local travel mileage and/or fixed rate per diem based upon the project.

If interested, please call Jenna at 443-857-7474 or email your resume to jenna@ordnanceholdings.com.

Thanks and stay safe.

Jenna Coven Perman
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25 May 2019

Woman Reports Ordnance Find Five Years Later

Port St. Lucie, Florida A woman finally decided to call Authorities to report the munition in her lawn after five years. The woman and her nephew found the rusty, shell-encrusted item while snorkeling about five years ago near the jetty in Fort Pierce.

In a local newspaper covering the story the woman explained the circumstances surrounding the ordnance find, "we weren't sure at first what it was, we thought it might be something from a ship." So the two decided to bring it home, clean off the barnacles and grind off the rust. Her son also reportedly played football with it at one time. The family also took the item with them when they moved to their current house.

According to the woman, "we thought it was a nice little conversation piece, we had no clue that it might be actually live munition." However, after seeing news coverage about a USACE project in Indian River County involving UXO, the woman called authorities to tell them about her find.

Port St. Lucie police and the local bomb squad safely removed the ordnance from the residence. The bomb squad reported the ordnance as WWII era and also stated it contained energetic material.

May 2019

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28 May 2019

Bomb Disposal, Mine Disposal, and EOD Techs Buried At Arlington National Cemetery

The National EOD Association is putting together a list of Bomb Disposal (BD), Mine Disposal (MD), and EOD Technicians Buried At Arlington National Cemetery. A copy of the list can be viewed using the link below.

If you have any omissions, corrections, or additional/missing names please email Mike Vining from NEODA.

Download the list (as of May 28, 2019) from UXOInfo.com.

U.S. Smoke Pot, HC, M4A2
Filler Type and Weight
Main Filler: 24-pounds HC (HC smoke mixtures consist of a mixture of hexachloroethane, zinc oxide, and grained aluminum).
Body Type and Weight

The body of the HC smoke pot is shaped like a can about 12 inches in diameter and 13 inches high.

TM 3-300, Miscellaneous Chemical Munitions, March 1950

The M4A2 floating smoke pot is designed primarily for use in combat to conceal landing operations on enemy-held shores. It can also be effectively used in operations along waterways; and if tactical situation demands, it may be employed as a static smoke munition on the ground. The M4A2 Smoke Pot is designed to burn from 10 to 15 minutes after functioning.

The body of the M4A2 floating smoke pot is a 5-gallon pail about 13-inches high and 12-inches in diameter. Approximately 24-pounds of slow burning HC smoke mixture is contained in the bottom third of the pot. A layer of fast-burning mixture, weighing about 1-pound, covers the slow burning HC mixture. A cellulose acetate cup, containing a starter mixture, is set in the smoke mixture so as to contact the igniter assembly.

Download the Ordnance Tech Data Sheet for the M4A2 HC Smoke Pot.

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