Multiple SUXOS and UXO Safety Officers Needed - Seal Beach, CA

UXO construction support project at Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Seal Beach, CA - scheduled to start August 2024 with a duration of approximately 20-30 days.

Navy project, OP-5 requirements include a SUXOS and UXO Safety Officer on-site to make safe to move determinations. Multiple shifts require multiple positions. These are "working level" positions on-site providing UXO construction support.

Paid Mob/Demob and generous flat rate available.

Candidates must be DDESB TP -18 qualified for their position and have a current OSHA physical.

Employment contingent upon receiving DBIDS access and meeting all ATF explosives possessor requirements.

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume and certifications to for consideration.

UXO "Déjà vu" at Pittsburgh International

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Yep, you read that right! The UXO fairy strikes again at Pittsburgh International Airport. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported that a passenger's checked bag was flagged after it was found to contain two inert grenades.

In a social media post about the incident, TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein wrote, "The traveler said his friend told him that he could take them on a plane. With friends like that, . . ."

And these are not the first munitions TSA agents have found at the Pittsburgh airport this summer. Last month we reported that TSA intercepted another inert grenade at a checkpoint, the same day a smoke grenade was found in a carry-on bag.

Another Grenade Incident Reported by TSA

Hilo, Hawaii Hilo International Airport was temporarily evacuated after the discovery of two grenade-like items were found during an x-ray screening of a passenger's carry-on luggage.

According to a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), agents were conducting routine screening of the bag when they spotted the suspicious items. Hawaii Police Department Capt. Brian Prudencio said, "It temporarily inconvenienced the travelers due to the evacuation and securing of the airport."


Residents Evacuated after Suspect UXO Found at Construction Site

Warwickshire Village, England Construction workers uncovered a suspicious looking item and promptly notified the authorities who responded and evacuated the area in order to safely examine the device. After some investigating, the responding British Army EOD unit was able to determine that the device did not contain explosives (the exact identification of the item was not reported). After EOD gave the "all clear", the nearby residents were allowed to return to their homes and construction safely continued.

Although the item did not turn out to be hazardous, the workers were thanked for doing the right thing and practicing safety first.

WWII Era Veteran Honored in Ceremony for His Actions Clearing UXO

Lymington, Hampshire England 100-year old retired Royal Navy officer Mr. Boyd Salmon, was awarded "replacement medals" for his service clearing UXO during WWII. Mr. Salmon is one of the last survivors of an elite unit who were responsible for disposing of enemy mines and shells on British and European shores.

Salmon joined the British Royal Navy at the age of 17 and worked his way up to become an officer. Unfortunately, his military career was cut short when he was injured from an explosion as he and his team were attempting to clear an area of mines on a Dutch island that was blocking the Allied forces' route to Nazi Germany. Reportedly, as his team approached a large bomb, it exploded leaving him with severe injuries that resulted in years of treatment and recovery. He was awarded medals for his service and sacrifices.


TSA Finds Grenade in Passenger's Carry-on

Seattle, Washington Officers with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) had a busy day recently when they found three loaded firearms and an inert grenade during separate routine screenings.

TSA notified officers with the Port of Seattle Police Department who responded to each security checkpoint to remove the firearms from the X-ray tunnels and make contact with each of the travelers. There are no reports that any of the discoveries are linked, and each traveler was eventually permitted to continue their travels.


Old Military UXO Removed from Backyard in NC

Cary, North Carolina Fort Liberty EOD safely removed an old military munition found at a home in Cary. According to the Cary Police Department, the ordnance battalion recovered the old grenade along with several rounds of ammunition from the backyard.

The homeowner reportedly found the UXO while landscaping. An excavator being used struck the metal object, prompting the homeowner to stop and notify authorities.

Police believe the ordnance belonged to a previous owner of the property, a retired military veteran who is now deceased.

A statement released by Cary Police issued the following reminder, "We would like to remind all residents to exercise caution if they come across any suspicious objects or devices. It is important to immediately report such findings to local authorities and not attempt to handle or move them on their own."

Landscaper Finds Grenade Under Shrubs

West Bend, Wisconsin A landscaper notified the West Bend Police Department after discovering what appeared to be a grenade buried in the dirt beneath some shrubs. The area was evacuated, and Milwaukee County EOD responded to safely remove the device.

The munition was determined to be an inert grenade that appeared to have been in the shrubs for quite a while. The case remains under investigation.

WWII Bomb Diffused on German Dredging Vessel

Cologne, Germany An unexploded WWII aerial bomb retrieved from the Rhine River forced the closure of shipping operations and the airspace above the river as experts safely defused the bomb.

The massive British-made munition was moved to a dredging vessel positioned far enough from residential areas to avoid the need for any evacuations during defusal operations, according to Cologne city officials.

Once diffused, it was transported ashore on a tractor and loaded onto an EOD vehicle. Discovery of UXO is common in Cologne, which was heavily bombed by Allied air forces during the war.


Two Separate Grenade Seizures at PIA Airport Security

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Two passengers were flagged at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIA) in a single day for attempting to bring grenades aboard their flights. According to TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein, the first man tried to pass through the security checkpoint with an inert hand grenade in his bag.

"Most people plan on having a blast on their trip, but this guy wasn't thinking along those lines when TSA officers intercepted this grenade at the Pittsburgh airport checkpoint yesterday," Farbstein posted on social media. "Fortunately, it was inert, however grenades, live or inert are not allowed on planes," she reminded travelers.


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