Anchors 'Away' After Dutch Couple Hooks UXO

Pula, Croatia A Dutch couple was forced to abandon their new anchor and chain off the port of Pula after they discovered it had become tangled up with an unexploded bomb.

Daniel Steenstra and his wife were forced to hire a diver once they found they could not lift anchor while preparing to leave the harbor. The diver reportedly saw a large cylindrical object rising from the seabed, approximately 2 meters in diameter, which authorities later confirmed to be an unexploded WWII Allied bomb.


Bomb Squad Removes Military Explosives from Home of Deceased Veteran

Cobb County, Georgia A cache of military-grade explosives were found in the home of a veteran during a death investigation, according to the Cobb County Police Department. Photos posted on the department's social media page show a box full of grenades and mortars alongside hunting cartridges, unspent bullets, and shotgun shells.


Construction Supervisor Carries UXO into Police Station

Zhongliao, Taiwan Changhua County Police were forced to evacuate their station after a man walked in with an unexploded bomb unearthed on a nearby worksite. According to reports, workers clearing a site for a landscape improvement project in Hemei Township dug up the military UXO, and since the worksite was just 20-meters away from the Zhongliao Police Station, the site supervisor decided to pick it up and bring it to the station.


EOD Remove 500-lb Drill Bomb Near Utah Interstate

Clearfield, Utah EOD from Hill Air Force Base (AFB)took possession of a 500-pound bomb discovered by a construction crew near Interstate 15 in Provo.

"We were working with the Utah County bomb squad," said Captain Bryce Muzzy. "They were on scene already and we decided it was a hazard we need to go check out immediately. We verified that it was non-hazardous."

According to Capt. Muzzy, the "drill bomb" was built before WWII and was likely used for air crews to load and unload jets. He also noted that the squad has responded to UXO finds in the area before, though perhaps not for such a large ordnance.


Civil War Re-enactment Munition Sparks School Evacuation

Onslow County, North Carolina

The evacuation of the Onslow County Learning Center was issued after district officials notified authorities that a suspicious item had been found by OCS grounds crew who were clearing vegetation around the school. EOD from Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune responded to the scene.

Camp Lejeune EOD informed law enforcement and the school district that the ordnance was likely a Civil War re-enactment cannonball and contained no explosives, according to a statement from OCS.


Garden Mortar Safely Disposed of in Welsh Field

Tonyrefail, Wales A resident in a Welsh village was shocked to unearth a mortar round while gardening. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, South Wales Police, and the Army all responded to assist in the safe removal of the mortar which was later destroyed by a controlled detonation in a nearby field.


EOD Called in to Calculate Human Bomb Blast Radius

An arrest of a Florida man sparked an EOD response after he threatened to blow himself up in his "run" across the Atlantic Ocean. The saga began when the U.S. Coast Guard conducting preparation operations for Hurricane Franklin, discovered Reza Ray Baluchi in a homemade "Hydro Pod vessel" 70 miles off the coast of Tybee Island, Georgia. The vessel, which can only be described as a human sized floating hamster wheel, utilized wiring and buoys to stay afloat.


Unattended Explosives Result in Evacuation at Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton, California military explosives were found unattended in an office building at Camp Pendleton, prompting a temporary evacuation of the area. There were no injuries reported during the event, according to the Marine Corps.

An unidentified explosive was safely removed by EOD for disposal and the office building was deemed safe shortly afterward. According to Marine Corps spokesman Maj. Joshua Pena, the discovery was made during the routine installation of information technology equipment in the building.


Artillery Fuzes Brought Home by Metal Detectorist Safely Disposed

Rivington, United Kingdom A controlled explosion has been carried out after two 80-year-old artillery shells were found in Rivington. A man reportedly came across the items while out with his metal detector and transported them to his home in Leigh.

After realizing the items could be dangerous, he notified emergency services, and a bomb squad and police firefighters from Leigh responded to transport the ordnance, identified as WWII artillery fuzes, to Pennington Flash country park for controlled detonation.


Roadside UXO Forces Highway Closure in Texas

Flat, Texas Authorities in Coryell County have reopened State Highway 36 after an unusual UXO response. According to the Coryell County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to the area where they confirmed the presence of an "unexploded and damaged" white phosphorous canister.

The Sheriff's Office said EOD from Fort Cavazos' 752nd Ordnance Company responded to render the canister safe. The ordnance was transported by EOD to Fort Cavazos for disposal, and the road was reopened.


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