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Question - "Does anyone have any advice, or can they identify a reliable source, regarding the average/accepted Circular Error Probable (CEP) for dumb bombs dropped by B52 and other US aircraft during the Vietnam War - during Operation Rolling Thunder (to late 1968) and post-Operation Rolling Thunder?"

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Bruce Childress's Gravatar Most all of the bombs dropped from B-52's over there were PD type and they usually experience a dud rate of at least 10%.
Some of that could be attributed to improper loading (If you don't get the arming wire secured in the rack then the bomp just freefalls to the ground and goes plop unless it was a Minol filled bomb in which case it would detonate without fuzeing.
Of course the aircrft crew could drop the load safe with the arming wires still attached with the same results. When that happened there was always a lot of finger pointing and the air crew was usually assumed to be correct. I was a Munitions Officer and EOD Officer.
# Posted By Bruce Childress | 9/20/07 6:18 AM

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