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"In the 1940's British bomb disposal units were split into two team types: Removal teams and Sterilization teams. What were the differences in duties and responsibilities of the two teams? Please define removal and sterilization as it pertained to British Bomb disposal procedures in the 1940's."

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Jim Shivers's Gravatar I believe that the removal teams were just to access the UXO with the Strerilization teams doing the actual RSP. I don't have access to my books on UK BD History but to confirm if my answere is correct recommend you contact the The Royal Engineer
Bomb Disposal Association at http://royalengineersbombdisposal-eod.org.uk/conta... and aske the question directly to some of the retired BD personnel.
# Posted By Jim Shivers | 3/9/09 12:21 PM
Stephen Venus's Gravatar When a UXB was suspected usually the Bomb disposal officer and his sgt would recce the entry hole and would work out it probable location , then a template would be laid out and a shaft dug. When the bomb had been exposed and the fuze located then the officer would go down to identify the fuze and immunise or extract it.Steam generators and other equipment being held at the units HQ ready to be called out when asked for.
I hope this helps
Stephen Venus (Researcher and member of Royal Engineers bomb disposal Association)
# Posted By Stephen Venus | 3/31/09 12:08 AM
Normandin Dan's Gravatar From my previous 6 years of EOD work in Europe and from reading WW2 era literature I understand the following of both:

Once a piece of Ordnance was dropped and did not explode the sterilisation team was called in to investigate and carry out a Render
Safe Procedure as we used to call it: by removing either a bomb fuse or a delay mech used on certain Mines ie: German LMB or BM1000
inflence ground sea mines used as aircraft delivered ground(as a bomb) British Targets.
Once the Ordnance was rendered safe it was then taken over by the removal team who transported it to a safe demolition
area and detonated it.

# Posted By Normandin Dan | 4/1/09 6:49 AM

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