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Press release submitted by: Isabel Jackson, email: IsabelJ@UXOGlobal.com, phone: (970) 292-2030.

UXO Global has been providing meaningful, effective and sustainable training for the UXO community since Sept 2009. We consistently produce highly trained and capable UXO Tech I's. Several Program Managers and USACE Representatives have singled out our graduates as being "exceptionally well trained and qualified."

UXO global team

We are pleased to announce that we have gone digital. All of our courseware is now distributed on HP TouchPads. Students are able to highlight, draw and take notes digitally while following along with the class. At the end of each term, each student receives a copy of their note filled courseware on a JumpDrive. This allows for easier referencing when out on a job site.

2012 Class Honor Graduates

UXO Global is proud to recognize our Honor Graduates from classes thus far in 2012. These graduates achieved the highest GPA among their peers and have been formally recognized as the "Honor Graduate".

  • Class 01-2012 - D. Ashley Rice
  • Class 03-2012 - William Zdrojewski
  • Class 04-2012 - Joshua Liscombe
  • Class 06-2012 - Marc Huck
  • Class 07-2012 - Class starts on July 23rd.
UXO Global Staff

UXO Global is proud of its Instructor Staff; both past and present. UXO Global has been privileged to have some of the industry's leading professionals working with us and is excited to recognize our current staff.

Lead Instructor: Mr. Michael Brantley US Army (Ret.)

Mr. Brantley is a retired Army Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and EOD Officer. Mr. Brantley was an Instructor at the US Army Ordnance Munitions Center and School, where he taught munitions management and was EOD Branch Chief, Directorate of Combat Developments, Redstone Arsenal. He has worked as an UXO Ordnance Technician, UXO Safety Officer, and Project Manager for UXO remediation projects throughout the US. Mike has also worked as an Associate Professor at Western Kentucky University where he recruited, advised, trained, and counseled students for becoming commissioned officers in the US Army.

Instructor: Mr. Phil Clark US Army (Ret.)

Mr. Clark is a retired US Army Master Explosive Ordnance Technician (EOD). While on active duty, Mr. Cark was an Instructor and Curriculum Developer at NAV SCOL EOD. Mr. Clark has twenty-two years of combined experience in the EOD and UXO fields. Mr. Clark has worked as a Tech II, Tech III, UXO Site Safety Officer, and UXO Quality Control Officer (QC). He has been teaching at UXO Global for over two years and is a tremendous asset, respected Instructor, and Subject Matter Expert (SME).


UXO Global has been busy training all year round, running seven classes a year. Loveland's ideal location, sitting in the Front Range, just north of Denver, allows for optimal training weather. We have 300 sunny days a year and a mild climate, not the pounding snow most envision of Colorado.

Our indoor Challenge Grid allows our student to maximize their hands-on time and increase learning and retention. Prior to our live range exercises, this one-of-a-kind facility offers students the opportunity to practice the skills learned in the classroom.

It is no surprise that the favorite aspect of training is the live fire portion out at the range. Students will be tested on electric and non-electric firing systems; as well as, practice setting up ring main and branch line firing systems. These exercises along with instructor demonstrations prepare the student for the grid.

Education Benefits

UXO Global became a VA Approved School in June, 2011. This allows qualified veterans to use their benefits such as GI Bill and Vocational Rehabilitation for attendance at UXO Global. So far in 2012, 17 Veterans have used their benefits to further their education at UXO Global.

For any additional information about UXO Global, its programs or payment options please contact Isabel Jackson at (970) 292-2030 or by email IsabelJ@UXOGlobal.com.

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