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Question Submitted by Paul C. McCarren, UXOInfo.com reader.

Ohio Two weeks ago, a 6 year old boy found an ordnance item (shown below) in a creek bed while hiking with his family. The family was hiking in a wildlife area over 30 miles away from a military area or known FUDS.

The family reported the find to local authorities who BIP'd the item. The identification of the item was not released but was reported as 'inert'.

If you can identify the item shown in the images above, please submit your response as a comment using the comment button below.

Reuben Rhodes's Gravatar Hi Paul.

It appears to be a WWII era frag bomb. They came in several sizes/weights. At first guess, I would say the 20 lb version. Dimensions would confirm or disprove that. This link shows one variety loaded on a rack. I think these are a larger version though. http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k227/ramc181/fra...

This page gives great info. http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/4052-AN-M41-...

I don't recall there being an inert version with the coil spring body but that doesn't mean there wasn't. One practice version of these models had a solid body with vent holes I believe. Other versions had a parachute.

Hope that helps some.
# Posted By Reuben Rhodes | 2/18/13 11:14 AM
Jim Shivers's Gravatar Looks like the 20LB Frag Bomb AN-M41/AN-M41A1. Here is a link to ORDATA that has the information

# Posted By Jim Shivers | 2/18/13 12:14 PM
Joe Thrash's Gravatar I agree, it looks like a 20lb frag bomb. I have worked in Ohio at FUDS sites and have run across lots of these.
Watch the fuze on it because they had a tendency of going off prematurely. I have never seen an inert version either.
These were most often packaged in lots of 6 so there may be more around if they did not detonate.
# Posted By Joe Thrash | 2/19/13 7:26 AM
Abdulbashir S Onofre's Gravatar Submunition Dispense by air (Fixed Fin Assy), Frag mentation ( serated body), Fuze (Mechanical ?) coz of the protruding object at the nose area.even if inert or live, RSP all items found, be considered live...all safety precautions pertaining to this type of sub-munition be applied, thank you.
# Posted By Abdulbashir S Onofre | 2/20/13 6:28 AM
Abdulbashir S Onofre's Gravatar SIR,
Sorry, for the earlier comment....it is a 20 lb frag bomb....thanks to a members link in ORD DATA...I have seen the LIGHT!!! Amen and thanks again.
# Posted By Abdulbashir S Onofre | 2/20/13 6:34 AM

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