Ordnance or Aircraft Part

Question Submitted by Lee Johnson, UXOInfo.com reader.

While researching the site of a Lockheed Lodestar crash, we located this unusually shaped object. Although this was a WWII aircraft crash site, the object appears to predate that era due to the rough cast iron 'casing'. We originally thought it was part of the aircraft until cleaning revealed what appears to be a brass 'fuse' plug on the 'front' end.

If you can identify the item shown in the images above, please submit your response as a comment using the comment button below.

Dave Frandsen's Gravatar I agree with the item being a plum bob. We found one very similar when I was stationed at Charleston Naval Weapons Station in the 70's. We threw it in the dumpster then were accused of destroying civil war ordnance, go figure.
# Posted By Dave Frandsen | 2/28/13 11:46 AM
Dan Dorrell's Gravatar aircraft trailing wire antenna weight
# Posted By Dan Dorrell | 2/28/13 3:07 PM
Brian Hamilton's Gravatar Civil war rifled bore projectile minus the lead sabot. Civil war ordnance- 1960 has a version with sabot and one without. I would add these pics but does let me.
# Posted By Brian Hamilton | 3/1/13 8:07 PM
Claude's Gravatar Hi all,

did anyone already had the idea to x-ray this object?
what exactly are the markings on the brass screw?

# Posted By Claude | 3/2/13 9:57 AM
Mike R. Vining's Gravatar I believe the object to be an aircraft antenna weight. I have seen them before. If you go onto the Internet in put in "Aircraft Antenna Weight" you will find examples.
# Posted By Mike R. Vining | 3/4/13 1:13 PM
charlie's Gravatar looks like a surveyor bob it helps to make sure the tripod is level if u look down the center of the fuze location it has a hole where the line comes out
# Posted By charlie | 3/18/13 10:25 AM

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