Guidelines for OCONUS OBOD Ranges

Question submitted by an anonymous reader:

Unnamed ONCONUS Location I'm in the process of drafting a proposal to establish a new UXO disposal site and I'm trying to find some references for the requirements that would need to be met and whatever site permitting/licensing requirements there are for a DoD installation on property leased from a foreign nation. I'm assuming DDESB is the authority on site permits for explosive disposal.

The purpose of the UXO disposal site is to dispose of old WWII era munitions (i.e., remnants from the war) that turn up on occasion.

Most of the regulations I've been looking through refer to "intended-purpose range" and "hazardous waste generators". This isn't a range [for that purpose] nor are we the generators of the hazardous material.

Currently we have a disposal site on a remote island which serves its purpose but isn't entirely practical from the standpoint of time, efficiency, and money. We also have a local "emergency disposal site" which can only used for immediate action items that are safe to move but not store.

Any help you could provide for something as specific as this, which is a little harder to extract from some of the documentation out there, would be greatly appreciated.

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