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Article by Guest Author: Jack Imber
Author of the book DEMINER available from Amazon

DISCLAIMER: These homeopathic remedies are suggested to assist the UXO worker when encountering various ailments and conditions in the field. These remedies are not intended to replace the professional advice of a licensed physician especially during times of serious injury sickness, and prolonged discomfort.

Listed below are certain actual situations with a suggested treatment. If at any time the problem becomes worse or has not been resolved in a reasonable time frame seek professional medical advice.

GENERAL ITCHY INSECT BITES: Carry a small bottle of white vinegar and a paper napkin or tissue. Wet the tissue with vinegar and apply to the irritated skin area. Leave on for several minutes. Usually the discomfort diminishes or disappears completely. Keep vinegar away from the eyes. White vinegar has been used for decades to neutralize toxins and organisms from jellyfish stings and scrapes caused by coral. If you have swelling or discoloration especially with tick bites seek medical attention.

EYE IRRITATION: Dry dusty conditions as well as pollen and other irritants can cause very uncomfortable situations for your eyes. Soak two chamomile tea bags in clean water. Tilt your head back and place each tea bag on the eyes. Warm (not hot) works better but normal water temperature will also help soothe the irritation. Definitely seek medical attention if this condition persists or you suspect something may be in your eye.

TICK REPELLANT: Eating extra amounts of garlic has long been believed to help the body's immune system. Many people believe that some ticks are much less likely to attach themselves to those who consume at least a clove of garlic per day. It does appear to help a lot especially in areas of severe tick infestation. In addition you should limit the access of crawly insects by pulling your socks up over your pants legs or tucking pants legs into boots.

MINOR CUTS AND ABRASIONS: Clean the area with water if possible and apply pure honey to the wound, covering with a clean bandage. Honey is a natural antibiotic. This is a handy substitute for antibiotic ointments when there is none of that available. Honey packets are also great as a natural sugar energy boost when out in the field.

FEET BLISTERS AND FUNGUS: Apply sunscreen lotion to the feet before putting on your socks and work boots. The lotion seems to help prevent callouses, blisters, and athlete's foot. This cream can also be applied as a deodorant if you run out of that. This technique has kept many a long distance hitch-hiker from being asked to leave the vehicle during hot summer months.

CHIGGERS: Once these rascals take hold of you, the tiny itchy blisters can last for weeks while driving you slowly mad. It never seems to be just one bite but rather an entire area on the body that is covered in small red welts. Put a dab of clear fingernail polish on each tiny bump on your skin. The explanation of why this method is effective varies from location to location. You will just be so relieved that it works that you will not care why it does.

FATIGUE IN THE FIELD: Sometimes even after your best efforts with hydration and breaks the afternoon 'slump' can rob you of your needed awareness. Since long term effects of popularized energy drinks are not yet known, you may want to classify them as artificial life support and pursue more natural products. Orange juice is a superb natural recovery drink. Emergen-C, a vitamin supplement, comes in individual powder packets which must be mixed with water and is also a great recovery drink when feeling exhausted. Infrequently, as in times of extended work requirements, instant coffee granules may be placed under your tongue. Individual coffee packets store easily and can be used for a refreshing iced coffee drink with a minimum of effort and a fraction of the cost of the premixed versions.

SPLINTERS AND THORNS: Cut a piece of banana peel and place it white side down over the splinter or thorn. Cover with a bandage or duct tape. The enzymes in the banana peel will draw out the splinter or thorn and make it easier to remove.

There are many other homeopathic solutions to minor problems but these are the ones found to be most useful. Remember, if the situation does not improve or gets worse see a doctor as soon as possible.


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