OSHA Clears Tucson Scrap Yard in UXO Death

Tucson, Arizona An investigation by the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health found no misconduct by Tucson Iron & Metal, the scrap yard where a worker died last year after he cut into a MK-82 general purpose bomb, resulting in the deadly explosion.

A report issued cleared the company from responsibility in the accidental death of Daniel Wright, 46, who used an acetylene cutting torch to cut into the UXO.

According to the report, another employee who recognized the item as ordnance told Wright that they were not to cut into anything that might be an explosive, but Wright believed it was safe because he thought it was hollow.

It is still unclear how the munition arrived the scrap yard, but investigators determined it had been there for about one month before the explosion. The report states that the device was decades old and at some point had been dropped from an aircraft. Officials are still awaiting the Air Force report on the investigation.

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