The Mystery of the Misplaced Munitions

Camp Pendleton, California The Marine Corps is investigating how several artillery projectiles wound up in an area close to the barracks. On October 19, Camp Pendleton officials received two separate reports of ordnance spotted within the 43 Area of the base, according to a Marine Corps spokesperson. Emergency services and EOD responded to the area, known as Las Pulgas, and discovered one 155mm projectile. The area secured and guarded until EOD was able to conduct a controlled detonation on the item to dispose of the hazard 2 days later.

"At approximately 12:10 p.m. on Thursday, October 21, EOD personnel safely destroyed the [unexploded ordnance]," said Capt. David Mancilla, a base spokesman. No additional information was provided about how the round ended up there.

Four days later on October 25, emergency services responded to another report of ordnance in the 43 Area. EOD responded and recovered two additional 155mm projectiles which were determined to be practice rounds. EOD removed the rounds for disposal.

Officials have not released specific details of the finds citing an investigation by the 11th Marine Regiment. Base officials declined to comment on whether the Base suspects any more rounds may be missing.

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