WWII Artillery Shell Found on Construction Site

Wrexham, North Wales Workers on the site of a new housing development in Wrexham notified North Wales Police, Ministry of Defence (MOD) and an ordnance expert after discovering a potential UXO during construction.

In a statement from police, residents in the area who reported hearing a large boom similar to a fireworks explosion were assured, "We had a report of an unexploded device. The EOD attended and conducted a controlled explosion."

The MOD confirmed, "We can confirm the Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from Chester Troop, 521 Squadron, 11 EOD Regiment RLC was called out to attend an incident at a building site in Wrexham yesterday. Upon inspection the item was found to be a 105mm shell and was safely detonated in situ this morning at 08.14hrs."

German bombers dropped large quantities of artillery shells on the area during WWII. Brymbo Community Council chairman, Cllr Paul Rogers, said: "During World War II we had quite a number of bombs dropped over the steelworks. They used to light fires on Minera Mountain as a decoy for Brymbo steelworks."

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