Man Brings Home Unexploded Artillery Round

Berry Springs, Australia An Australian man is lucky after the UXO he found and brought home was safely detonated by bomb experts. He reportedly called authorities to let them know that he had transported the 25-pound explosive from the Manton Dam area back to his Berry Springs residence approximately 18 miles away.

Police immediately responded to the residence where they determined that the explosive artillery round used in WWII was "unsafe to travel long distances". According to a statement from Superintendent Shaun Gill, "A nearby block of land was cordoned off and the device was safely detonated."

Gill added that the public should never move any unexploded devices they might come across, "If the public ever come across or have any suspicions about military ordnance, it's important not to move them and call the police immediately. Instead of moving the device, mark the exact location and contact authorities who will attend and safely remove the item."

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