Fishing Trawler Snags Depth Charge

Block Island, Rhode Island A trawler fishing four miles off the coast line pulled in an explosive catch when their nets captured WWI era a depth charge. Upon discovery, the crew contacted the U.S. Coast Guard, who then requested assistance from the U.S. Navy.

Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 12 out of Newport, Rhode Island responded and took possession of explosive, identified as a World War II MK6 depth charge. EOD transported the UXO to new location about 1-mile from shore for proper disposal through a controlled detonation.

EOD reported that the 520-pound depth charge contained 267 pounds of TNT. Coast Guard crews assisted by maintaining a one-mile perimeter from the scene. A spokesperson for the Navy released a statement following the incident  "The safety of people and the environment are our top priority in these situations, for that reason, the U.S. Navy coordinated detonation with the State of Rhode Island department of Environmental Management and NOAA to ensure the safety of people and the surrounding environment, including the wildlife."

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