Man Drives Found Ordnance To Police Station

Normandy, France A man do some planting and gardening at his house came across two WWII era munitions. Rather than calling the police to report the find, the man took it upon himself to drive the munitions in the backseat of his car to the police station.

The police officers evacuated the station and notified their cognizant bomb disposal team for assistance. After reviewing photos of the munitions, the bomb technicians instructed the police to move the ordnance to a container filled with sand away from the building and guard them until the bomb squad could arrive to properly dispose of them.

Following the incident, Authorities in Normandy reminded residents to exercise extreme caution and use common sense when it comes to ordnance finds by calling the police to report any finds and avoid any handling or movement of potential UXO.

The type of ordnance involved in the incident were not reported.

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