Military Explosives Found in Salvaged Car Door

Flint, Michigan A Flint man got quite a shock when he discovered military grade explosives in the door of a car door he purchased from a junk yard. According to Flint Police Chief Terence Green, the unidentified man found military grade C4 explosives stashed in the door while attempting to install it.

Green said, "Indeed this is military grade C4 explosives they are very dangerous and hazardous." The Flint Police Department's bomb squad responded to take custody of the explosives soon after the man reported the find.

"The bomb squad did safely remove these items. Right now they are secured in a secure location," Green said. He speculates that the explosives may have been stolen from a military base and hidden inside the panel of the door.

"You see the lot numbers on there. We are going to have the ATF track those lot numbers so we will have a better idea of determining where they actually came from," Green said. He went on to explain that the explosives are illegal for civilians to possess or transport. Doing so is a 15-year felony in the state of Michigan.

Green stressed the danger of the situation, "Due to the fact that these explosives were concealed in the door of the vehicle, if there was some type of motor vehicle accident and a collision with that vehicle, I believe these explosives would have ignited and caused a lot of damage, loss of life and things of that nature." editorial comment  the C-4 would likely not "explode" on impact as described, but none-the-less, explosives in untrained hands is dangerous.

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