Search for Sunglasses Leads to UXO Find

Liverpool, England Looking for lost sunglasses may be a common summer pastime, but one man's search for his led to a not-so-common discovery. While searching for his sunglasses that accidentally dropped in a lake at Greenbank Park in Liverpool, the man found an unexploded WWII bomb.

The find sparked a major police and Army response as the area was cordoned off for what police confirmed was indeed an "unexploded ordnance device" in the park.

Social media was buzzing about the activity in the park. One person said, "My brother was fishing and his sunglasses fell in the lake. They fished them out amongst a few bottles and a bomb! The Army have just detonated it, if you heard a bang?"

In a statement a spokesperson for Merseyside police said, "We can confirm that an item reported to what is believed to be an unexploded ordnance device was found in Greenbank Park yesterday Officers were called to the scene...after a member of the public reported finding the device in the park's lake. The area was cordoned off while the Army's EOD made a controlled explosion of the item. We thank members of the public for their patience while the incident was dealt with."

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