Four Men Arrested for Alleged Dynamite Fishing

Paru, Solomon Islands Local police arrest four men on charges of illegal possession and use of explosive in an alleged dynamite fishing incident. Reportedly, concerned members of the community reported the men to authorities which led to raid and surprise inspection of the their homes.

EOD was called to support the investigation after a search of a residential property resulted in the fine of seven live ordnance items hidden under a bed. During the search, one of the suspects reportedly advised his son to lay on the bed in an effort to deter police from inspecting the area.

The men were arrested and transported to the Henderson Police Station. Officials from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources were also part of the investigation. In addition to the live UXO, police also found munitions debris which were believed to be remnants from past effort to extract explosives for use in fishing.

EOD removed the munitions debris and UXO from the residential property for proper disposal.

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