HE Mortar Found at Recycling Center in Maui

Kihei, Hawai'I A high explosive (HE) mortar was found on the property of a Kihei recycling company, according to the Maui Police Department. Employees found the UXO in the metals collection area of the plant. Hawai'i Inter-Island Bomb Squad Maui unit responded, and the munition was relocated to the end of the property in an open field area, away from machinery and containers.

Army EOD was notified and identified the ordnance as a 60 mm high explosive mortar. The munition was recovered and safely disposed of at an off-site location.

Since the company recycles rock, dirt, concrete, and asphalt dropped off by the public, it is unclear where or when the mortar arrived on the property, police said. Police also asked the public to refrain from handling ordnance and to contact the department for assistance upon finding potential UXO.

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