Scrub-a-dub-dub, Grenade Behind the Tub

Ballard, Washington A Seattle Police's bomb squad responded to a home in Ballard after a contractor found a grenade while ripping out a bathtub during a remodel. The owner of the construction company, Vadim Kharkhavyy, said he notified authorities immediately.

"My first thought was to get out of there," said Kharkavyy. He said he had just ripped the bathtub out when he saw the grenade between the studs. "I rushed out of there, took a breath, and actually went back in and recorded the situation. I zoomed in on my phone and took a closer peek, I'm like that's an actual freaking grenade."

The bomb squad determined that the ordnance was inert. Investigators at the scene told him where the grenade may have come from and how it got into the walls.

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