Old Sea Mine Pulled in by Cornish Fishing Trawler

Looe Harbor, England The Coastguard, police and a Royal Navy EOD team were all called to Looe Harbor after a suspected UXO was reported on a fishing trawler. A British Navy spokesperson released a press release which stated in part, "The item was discovered to be an inert drill mine which is identical in size and shape to the real thing and was unable to be initially identified due to the age and deteriorated state of the item."

The device was taken out to sea by EOD to a location south of the Plymouth Breakwater for a controlled underwater explosion by Royal Navy divers from HMNB Devonport.

In the press release, the British Navy extended thanks to all involved in the safe disposal operation, "The team would like to thank the master of the vessel, Devon and Cornwall Police and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for their assistance with the task."

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