Dog Uncovers WWII Era UXO Along Dunes

Winterton, England A man walking the beach with his 6-year-old cocker spaniel was shocked to see what his dog named Luna uncovered while walking along the sand dunes, a 2-inch mortar round. The man called the police to report the fins who responded and established an exclusion zone around the item.

EOD was called in to investigate and they determined the ordnance was indeed a WWII era mortar round. EOD safely counter-charged the hazard in an open detonation.

The man described the incident to reporters stating in part, "Luna is very inquisitive, she was trained as a sniffer dog but failed her final tests before we took her in. I saw her disappear over the dunes and when I followed her she'd scratched this device up."

The man went on to say that it was the first time that Luna has uncovered an unexploded bomb. Bask in April of 2022, while walking along the same area, Luna found a WWII era grenade. He added: "I'm quite proud of her second time round, but it's becoming a bit of a nuisance as well. She's well-practiced now - hopefully she isn't going to make much more of a habit of it."

During WWII, Winterton was home to a military training camp which was also used as a coastal defense battery.

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