WWII Ordnance Abandoned at Former Fire Hall

Wenatchee, Washington State Police were called after someone discovered an a 40-mm shell outside the former Wenatchee fire station across from City Hall. A pair of gardening gloves were laid on top of the shell.

The police setup an exclusion zone around the ordnance and notified the Army for technical support. The police chief told reports that the shell was about 12 inches long dating back to WWII. It was left at the northeast corner of the fire hall property, which has been vacant since 2021.

The police chief went on to say "Not sure where it came from, It'd be nice to say that stuff isn't out there, but we do see it fairly often." The police do not suspect the incident was a criminal act as he thanked the public for reporting the find: "The important thing," he says, "is somebody saw something weird, and called someone right away."

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