Two Separate Grenade Seizures at PIA Airport Security

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Two passengers were flagged at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIA) in a single day for attempting to bring grenades aboard their flights. According to TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein, the first man tried to pass through the security checkpoint with an inert hand grenade in his bag.

"Most people plan on having a blast on their trip, but this guy wasn't thinking along those lines when TSA officers intercepted this grenade at the Pittsburgh airport checkpoint yesterday," Farbstein posted on social media. "Fortunately, it was inert, however grenades, live or inert are not allowed on planes," she reminded travelers.

Then just an hour later, another a customer was found with an active M18 smoke grenade in their carry-on bag. "Had it been triggered; thick yellow smoke would have been everywhere!" Farbstein said. "Yellow is just not a good look. And besides, you know that there's no smoking on a plane!"

All jokes aside, weapons and munitions of any kind are never allowed in a carryon. Check the TSA website for regulations about traveling with firearms and ammunition.

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