Bomb Squad Responds to Remove Grenade

West Paris, Maine The Oxford County Sheriff's Office requested assistance from the Maine State Police Bomb Squad after responding to a report of a possible UXO in a West Paris home. Once on the scene, they identified the munition as an MK2 "Pineapple" grenade.

Bomb technicians x-rayed the ordnance and found "characteristics consistent with a grenade still containing energetic material," according to state police. The item was safely removed for disposal.

State police said that the person who reported the grenade told them it most likely came from a family member who served during WII or the Korean War.

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Bomb Scare

Medford, Massachusetts military ordnance thrown out with the trash prompted a response from Massachusetts State Police, Medford police, and Medford firefighters. The ordnance was discovered behind a trash can, according to Massachusetts State Police Director of Media Communications Dave Procopio.


Museum Donation Fuels Bomb Squad Response and 'Rocket Man' Banter

Bellevue, Washington The Bellevue Police Department received a concerning call from the Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio who reported that they received a call from a man looking to donate a Cold War era rocket to the museum.

Police tracked down the man who made the call and discovered that he purchased the item from an estate sale of deceased man. Police were dispatched to investigate the item along with members of the local bomb squad.


WWII Japanese Mortar Found on Illinois Street

Bloomington, Illinois The Springfield bomb squad was called to downtown Bloomington for reports of a suspected UXO. According to Bloomington Police Department Spokesman Officer Bryce Janssen, police were called to the 400 block of East Washington Street, where a person had located a suspicious device on the ground.

The Illinois Secretary of State Police Hazardous Device Unit responded to the scene where the area around the ordnance was cordoned off. Janssen said they suspected it was a WWII-era .50 caliber mortar from Japan, but it was deemed inert and safely removed. No indication was given as to how the ordnance ended up on the street.

Suspicious Item Removed from Abandoned Storage Unit

Bath Township, Michigan Michigan State Police (MSP) were called into a self-storage business in Bath Township after what appeared to be an UXO was found in an abandoned storage unit. The MSP bomb squad identified the object as a non-explosive device. The device was safe to handle since it did not contain any energetic material. An MSP officer even posed for a photo with the item.

Blasting Caps Discovered on Nevada Highway Safely Destroyed

Winnemucca, Nevada The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office reported that a large quantity of abandoned blasting caps found by Bureau of Land Management personnel about just off Nevada 140, which runs from U.S. 95 to Denio at the Idaho border, were destroyed.

A spokesperson from the sheriff's office said, "Due to the quantity and age of the blasting caps, the Elko Consolidated Bomb Squad was contacted to assist with disposal." The blasting caps were safely disposed of in place.


Police Praise Cleaning Crew for Response to Suspected Ordnance

Essex, Massachusetts Six homes were evacuated after a cleaning crew found ordnance in a recently sold home, according to Essex Police Chief Paul Francis. Police and fire responded to the home where the suspected military ordnance was found.

Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad officials eventually determined that the shell was an inert training round. The munition was seized and was scheduled to be turned to U.S. Navy EOD. No additional items of concern were found.

A police spokesperson said, "The cleaning crew in this instance did everything right, leaving the dangerous item alone and contacting properly trained authorities to render the situation safe."

Munition Find During House Cleanout

Mansfield, Ohio A contractor cleaning out an abandoned home made an alarming discovery that led to a response by the Mansfield police and fire departments as well as the Ashland County Bomb Squad. Chelsea Stuhldreher, of Page Asbestos Services, was cleaning out the home when she found ordnance.

She notified the police who responded with the bomb squad who reportedly x-rayed the ordnance (identified as a 75mm projectile, specific nomenclature not provided) before they deemed that it was not live. Although it was deemed not to be live, the bomb squad took possession of the item for proper disposal.


Old Dynamite Recovered Near Lake Tahoe Highway

Sacramento, California Deputies with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office were alerted by a citizen about potential explosives discarded alongside the highway 28, between the Thunderbird and Sand Harbor areas, on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.

Authorities responded and after searching the area located aged dynamite sticks among pine straw, rocks, and trees about 150 feet from the highway. A multi-agency bomb squad responded to the scene and deployed a robot to retrieve the explosive. During the response, Authorities closed Highway 28 in both directions for about four hours.


Unexploded Avalanche Control Device Response

Breckenridge, Colorado An unexploded avalanche control device was found near the top of peak 7 at Breckenridge. According to the Summit County Sheriff's Office, the device was safety counter charged. Prior to the controlled demolition event, the sheriff's department warned locals through social media not to be alarmed by the explosion and asked that no one call 911 in relation to the detonation.

This is not the first time unexploded avalanche control devices have been found in Breckenridge. In 2019, authorities were forced to warn hikers of 22 possible undetonated avalanche control devices launched by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

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