Suspect Item on Beach Leads to Multi-agency Response

Workington, England Whitehaven Coast Guard Rescue Team was called in after reports that a walker had discovered a suspicious object on a West Cumbrian beach. The team responded to locate and assess the item believed to be old ordnance and relay those details to EOD experts. Royal Navy divers also responded to assist Coast Guard.


Warning Issued After Beached UXO Found

Norfolk, England The Coastguard issued a warning after a member of the public found an unexploded WWII bomb on a Norfolk beach. An EOD team from Colchester was called to the scene where a 100-meter cordon was put in place and a controlled explosion conducted.


Grenade Found During Construction on Site of Old Ordnance Depot

Suffolk, Virginia Construction workers dug up an old UXO while digging in an area that was once home to the Nansemond Ordnance Depot.

The Fire & Rescue Department, Virginia State Police Bomb Squad, and city police officers all responded. The bomb squad safely removed the UXO which was identified as an inert grenade.

Large Cache of Munitions Discovered in Japanese Dam

Naha, Japan The Okinawa prefectural government has halted drawing water from the Kurashiki dam after officials discovered a large cache of UXO and drums containing projectile shells in the mud. The area is typically submerged when the dam is full, but low water levels resulted in the find during an inspection of the dam.

The rusting munitions are believed to related to historic disposal operations associated with the Kadena Ammunition Storage Area which occupies a large area of the forest surrounding the dam.


90-year-old Man Helps to Prevent Potential UXO Catastrophe

Maella, Spain Spanish police were called after a 90-year-old man notified a property owner that the spot where his was building could likely contain UXO. The elderly man recounted a story from his childhood during which, as a six-year-old, he saw that one of the bombs dropped by the air force there during Spanish Civil War did not explode.

A search was launched, and a metal detector did indeed find the unexploded bomb located at the foundations of the facility under construction. Police sappers (combat engineers) excavated the UXO and safely detonated it at one of the proving grounds in Aragon.


EOD Respond to Artillery Shell Which Had 'Seen Better Days'

Cumbria, United Kingdom British Army EOD and teams from Whitehaven and Maryport Coastguard responded to St. Bees Beach after a report of a potential UXO. The ordnance, identified as a 105 mm artillery shell, prompted a cordon in the area as EOD disposed of the item in place.

A spokesman for the Whitehaven Coastguard Rescue Team issued a statement commending citizens for their patience, "Thanks again to the understanding members of the public at St Bees for waiting patiently while we kept a cordon in place to allow the Army EOD to do their work to make the beach safe. What we had was, we're told, a 105 artillery shell, which, as you can see by the photographs had seen better days however was still potentially dangerous. Thanks to Maryport Coastguard Rescue Team for your assistance, to the first informant from St Bees RNLI and to Hartley's Beach Shop and Tea Rooms the previous day for your hospitality!"

It's Raining Grenades in Hawaii

Wailea, Hawaii Maui Police were called to a residence for a report of UXO found in a gulch behind the home. Officials believe the recent heavy rains in the area washed the device down to its location, as it was not there previously.

The Maui Police Department's bomb squad responded and determined the grenade to be inert. Army EOD was notified of the find, and Maui police removed it for proper disposal.


Residential Construction Results in UXO Finds

Zamboanga City, Philippines Construction workers working to add an addition to a residential property uncovered 22 UXO items. The homeowner notified the police who responded with a local bomb squad to transport the items for disposal. Once the ordnance was removed, construction resumed and three days later another seven rounds were uncovered.


Cyclist Reports UXO Shell in UK Park

Brighton, United Kingdom Sussex Police cordoned off a section of Stanmer Park after a suspected UXO was reported by a cyclist. Officers placed a 100-meter cordon around an area at the top of the park until a bomb disposal team arrived to determine that the shell was empty. The ordnance was safely removed and the cordon lifted.

The One That 'Got Away' is Finally 'Reeled In'

Saluda County, South Carolina Following a search lasting several days, authorities from three South Carolina counties finally located the military ordnance discovered by an angler at Lake Murray. Saluda, Newberry and Lexington Counties combined forces in an extensive search of the murky lake waters after the man, using a casting net for bait, snagged what he described to be a possible military ordnance.

Once he recognized the item as possible ordnance, authorities say he let loose the casting net, marked the area and notified authorities.

Officials at the Newberry County Sheriff's Office have now reported the ordnance as found. Because it was military ordnance, US Air Force EOD was called in to identify and detonate the ordnance identified as an 81-millimeter military mortar round.


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