Woman Finds Munitions While Cleaning House

Horsham, Pennsylvania a woman cleaning out her house came across a munition item that reportedly was a war souvenir taken home from Vietnam by the woman's deceased husband following his military service. Not sure exactly what she had, the woman decided to bring the munition item to an antique dealer for further analysis. The antique dealer instructed her to bring the item to the military instead. The woman then drove the munition to nearby Naval Air Station Willow Grove.


Unexploded War Souvenirs Found in Shed

Garber, Oklahoma A farmer clearing out his shed came across a UXO item. The farmer called the police who responded with a bomb disposal squad. The UXO items reportedly came from the late father of the farmer's wife. He served in WWII and Korea and reportedly brought the items home as souvenirs. The bomb squad safely detonated the items in one of the farmer's fields.

New Home Owners Find UXO After Moving In

Cannon Falls Township, Minnesota A family moving into their new home got an unwanted surprise present from one of the previous owners, a live grenade. The grenade was found inside an old desk left behind by the previous owners. The family called the police who responded with technical support provided by the Bloomington Bomb Squad. The bomb squad identified that the grenade was live and transported it to the a nearby quarry where it was safely detonated.


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