That's No Bone, Baby!

Jacksonville, Florida A Jacksonville man was shocked after he picked up a live military munition dug up by his dog, 'Baby', in his backyard. Mathew Sims says when he picked up the item, he quickly realized what it was that he was and slowly put it back down.

Sims said, "Okay is this live? You panic, then you drop. You couldn't tell what it was until you started pulling it up. Once I got it halfway out, I was like oh, I know what this is, let me gently put this back down."


Anchors 'Away' After Dutch Couple Hooks UXO

Pula, Croatia A Dutch couple was forced to abandon their new anchor and chain off the port of Pula after they discovered it had become tangled up with an unexploded bomb.

Daniel Steenstra and his wife were forced to hire a diver once they found they could not lift anchor while preparing to leave the harbor. The diver reportedly saw a large cylindrical object rising from the seabed, approximately 2 meters in diameter, which authorities later confirmed to be an unexploded WWII Allied bomb.


EOD Called in to Calculate Human Bomb Blast Radius

An arrest of a Florida man sparked an EOD response after he threatened to blow himself up in his "run" across the Atlantic Ocean. The saga began when the U.S. Coast Guard conducting preparation operations for Hurricane Franklin, discovered Reza Ray Baluchi in a homemade "Hydro Pod vessel" 70 miles off the coast of Tybee Island, Georgia. The vessel, which can only be described as a human sized floating hamster wheel, utilized wiring and buoys to stay afloat.


Roadside UXO Forces Highway Closure in Texas

Flat, Texas Authorities in Coryell County have reopened State Highway 36 after an unusual UXO response. According to the Coryell County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to the area where they confirmed the presence of an "unexploded and damaged" white phosphorous canister.

The Sheriff's Office said EOD from Fort Cavazos' 752nd Ordnance Company responded to render the canister safe. The ordnance was transported by EOD to Fort Cavazos for disposal, and the road was reopened.


EOD Responds To Historic Ordnance

Newport, United Kingdom Royal Navy Bomb Disposal technicians responded to an area of Little London in Newport following the discovery of a piece of historic ordnance. Officers stood guard over the shell which was placed on the ground near Riverbank at Newport Harbour. It's unclear how and when the unidentified war relic was found or who placed in on the street.

Artillery Shell in Oklahoma Garden

Oklahoma City, OK The Oklahoma City Police Department was alerted after a resident found what appeared to be an artillery round while digging in their garden. Police responded and cleared the area while the Oklahoma City Fire Department and EMSA arrived on the scene. Authorities were called in to safely remove the unidentified ordnance.

Artillery Round Removed from Rhode Island Home

Cranston, Rhode Island Police said a WWII artillery round was found at a home in Cranston. The State Fire Marshal's Office and Bomb Squad responded to safely remove the munition. There were no further details provided from Authorities but an image from the report appears to show a 75 mm shrapnel shell.

Farmer Finds Pineapple (Grenade) in Cornfield

Toledo, Ohio The Hancock County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to a Hancock County farm after farmer Levi Haselman found what he believed to be a hand grenade while inspecting his cornfield. According to deputies, the suspect item resembled a MK 2 grenade.

"I just knelt down and noticed a rust sticking up top like a piece of metal or something that broke off a tillage tool. So, I actually grabbed it and pulled it out of the ground and realized what it was, and I already had it in my hands," Haselman told reporters. He then notified authorities.


9-Year-Old Digs up Grenade in his Backyard

East Devon, England A young boy was searching for bones in his garden in East Devon he unearthed a military relic that prompted a bomb squad response. Nine-year-old George Peniston-Bird dug up the device then ran into the house to tell his mother about it.

Skeptical at first, she called the non-emergency response line but was quickly put through to 999. Police responded approximately 20 minutes later.


Police Tackle Man With Grenade Simulator

Hallettsville, Texas The Austin Police Department bomb squad disabled a grenade simulator in the Hallettsville courthouse square that was confiscated during an altercation between a man and a woman. When police responded to the scene, authorities reported that the 43-year-old male suspect began removing the explosive device from his clothing.

He ran through the Lavaca County courthouse lawn and was tasered in the elbow, allowing the device to be retrieved by authorities. He has been charged with evading arrest, terroristic threat, and possession of a prohibited weapon. It is unclear how the man obtained the grenade simulator.

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