Barn Sale Bomb Rendered Safe and Returned

Lyon Township, Michigan Kathryn Bowring and her family were hosting a sale at her late stepfather Jim Birckelbaw's barn when a customer discovered a WWI artillery shell in the corner. After her son-in-law, an Army veteran, carefully moved the 30-lb ordnance out of sight, she notified police.

"A deputy from Lyon Township came out and seemed a little freaked out about the whole thing," she said. "He went to the car and called his boss and an hour later four police officers from different agencies showed up, and they were curious."


Ordnance Found by Fisherman

Canakkale, Turkey Bomb experts safely disposed of an unexploded WWI round found by a fisherman on the historic Gallipoli Peninsula. The shell reportedly dates to the Gallipoli campaign, during which tens of thousands of soldiers died in one of the most ferocious battles in the Ottoman Empire during the war.

Inert Armor-piercing Projectile Found During Home Remodel

Dunedin, New Zealand New Zealand Police and EOD were called to residential property after a suspected UXO was found during construction. According to a New Zealand Defence Force spokesperson, an EOD team responded to a request for assistance from police to investigate the item, later identified as an inert two-pounder armor-piercing projectile and cartridge case.

EOD safely removed the munition for proper disposal. Officials said it had likely been under the house for some time.


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