Bomb, Practice, 500 lbs, MK 5, MK 15 and MK 21
No Image Available Filler and Weight
Sand or Water Filled,
Body and Overall Weight
Sheet Steel, 500 lbs (w/ sand)
Type of Round, DODIC
General Practice Bomb MK 5, MK 15 and MK 21 bomb has a light-cased, cylindrical body and is constructed of welded sheet-steel. The MK 15 and MK 21 versions are nearly identical, while the MK 5 is longer and slightly larger in diameter. A filler hole is provided at or near the nose for loading of water or sand. Neither fuzes or spotting charges are provided for the bomb.
Munition Components:
    Data Source:
    OP 1280, Aircraft Bombs, 1945
    Munitions Tech Data Sheet:
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