Mortars Found Around Town

Lethbridge, Canada Police responded to two separate sites for reports of live artillery rounds in Lethbridge over the course of one weekend. One 82-mm mortar round was discovered in a garbage can near a drug treatment facility, and the other was found in Galt Gardens urban park.



Ordnance Exposed As Tide Recedes

Sandwich Bay, United Kingdom HM Coast Guard and Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) EOD personnel responded to reports of ordnance finds along the beach. An exclusion zone was established around the items as teams prepared for demo operations.



Cannonball Reported At Construction Site

Luton, United Kingdom Construction workers called police and reported finding a cannonball during construction activities. Police responded and cordoned off the area closing several nearby streets in the process.



British EOD Responds to Magnet Fishing Find

Hilperton, United Kingdom A 15-year-old boy and his father pulled an ordnance item the canal near the Whaddon Lane bridge while magnet fishing. The two called the police to report the find. Police responded and cordoned off the area before contacting the British Army for support.



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