Traveling UXO Shuts Down London Landmarks

London, England The Royal Navy and Metropolitan Police shut down Waterloo Bridge, Westminster Bridge and Victoria Embankment in central London while a WWII German SD bomb was towed along the river to Tilbury, Essex, where it was safely detonated. Police responded to the river for the reported ordnance find, dropped duirng WWII.



More Ordnance Recovered From Business Park

Kingstown, Rhode Island A state police bomb squad unit was dispatched to the Quonset Business Park to investigate old ordnance recovered from the area. The type of UXO removed was not reported but the North Kingstown Police Department indicated that the ordnance have been found in the past with an average of 4 - 5 finds per year.

Museum Pieces Destroyed After Explosives Detected

Aberystwyth, Wales Munitions on display at the Ceredigion Museum were destroyed after a recent inspection found traces of explosives. The WW I era munitions were reportedly found on a beach and have been in storage for decades. Several inspections over the years concluded that the munitions did not pose an explosive hazard.



Mortar Round Detected in Park is Detonated

Jacksonville, Florida A piece of military ordnance was found by a Jacksonville parkgoer using a metal detector. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad responded to the call and identified the munition as a WWII er 60mm mortar. The item was properly disposed of through a controlled detonation procedure.

UXO Disposal "Down the Shore"

Monmouth County, New Jersey A U.S. Navy EOD team will carryout a controlled explosion to dispose of a UXO that washed ashore at the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area in northern Monmouth County. The item was identified as a mortar round.

The park will be closed to the public while the Naval Weapons Station Earle's EOD team conducts the operation at Sandy Hook, a site which frequently has reports of ordnance items on its beaches. The area is near Fort Hancock, an active military base until 1974 as well as the proving ground of the U.S. Army from 1874 until 1919.

New Jersey

EOD Responds to Parking Lot UXO Call

Guam Navy EOD responded to what was believed to be an unexploded World War II ordnance at the Inarajan Pools. However, according to reports, the UXO was actually just a parking barrier covered in cement.

See the You Tube video below:


Ashland [UXO] Contractor Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charge

Source: Mail Tribune
Posted: April 18, 2016 (News we missed - sorry)

PORTLAND - An Ashland defense contractor acknowledged Monday [April 18, 2016] that he bribed a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers program manager to secure $171 million in contracts over a decade.

The 73-year-old contractor, who goes by the singular name Sky, pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiracy and could face a maximum of five years in prison at his Oct. 11 sentencing. Lawyers for both sides indicated a sentence of about two years is more likely.

Article continued on Mail Tribune


UXO Provides Christmas Surprise 75 Years Late

Augsburg, Germany Nearly 54,000 residents were not able to spend Christmas at home due to a forced evacuation effort scheduled for the disposal of the approximately 2-ton British WWII era bomb. The bomb dropped by the British Air Force back in the 1940s was found during construction work. However, Authorities responding to the initial call decided to hold off on the render safe operation due to the nearly 1-mile exclusion zone that was required.

Instead, the biggest evacuation in post-war German history was scheduled for Christmas day mainly due to the fact the traffic in and around the area is very light around the holidays.



Fireworks Market Destroyed From Sympathetic Detonations

Tultepec, Mexico A series of explosions rocked the San Pablito fireworks market killing 35 and injuring as many as 50 others with reports of a dozen people still missing. Explosions lasted for nearly 20 minutes caused by a series of sympathetic detonations which jumped from one fireworks vendor to another destroying the market in the process.

Mexico - Fireworks


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