UXO Found in Cemetery

Gaya Island, Malaysia Grave diggers at the village cemetery in Sabah found a UXO while preparing a grave site for a recently decreased village resident. The workers called the police to report the find.



Real Estate Agent Finds Box of Munitions

Telarah, Australia A real estate agent inspecting a vacant property found a motorcycle and an unmarked box left the property. The agent suspected that the motorcycle may have been stolen and was about to contact the police when they looked inside the box and found a variety of munitions.

The agent called the police who responded with technical support from a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) EOD team. The munitions were inspected and reported to be inert shell casings (type not reported). The items were removed from the house for proper disposal. Police also seized the motorcycle for further examination.

UXO Find Causes Temporary Pier Closure

Essex, United Kingdom The Southend recreational pier, a popular tourist attraction, was temporarily closed for two days after the discovery of a UXO item approximately 30 meters from the pier. A Royal Navy EOD team responded to remove the WWII era munition shown below (specific type not reported). 04-08-2019-Southend.jpg

Family War Souvenir Turns Out To Be Live

Lexington County, South Carolina Deputies on the Lexington County Sheriff's Department Bomb Disposal team were called to a residential property after the resident requested assistance with an ordnance item. The resident told authorities that the round, identified as a WWII era 40mm anti-aircraft round was a souvenir that had been in the family for decades. However, recently a friend of the family thought the round was live and encouraged the owner to call the police.

As it turns out, the bomb disposal team did find that the item was indeed live. The item was safely removed from the house for proper disposal.

29-Year-Old EOD Technician Killed in Action

Kunduz Province, Afghanistan EOD SPC Joseph Peter "Joey" Collette of Lancaster, Ohio assigned to the 62nd Ordnance Company EOD, 242nd Ordnance Battalion EOD, 71st Ordnance Group EOD, 20th Support Command (CBRNE) was killed in action.

Collette was attached to an Alpha Detachment, 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) when he was killed in the during joint operation with Afghan 10th Special Operation Kandak Commandos forces against the Taliban.



Man Threatens To Throw Ordnance During Argument

Guam A man is accused of taking what was believed to be a UXO and threatening to throw it during an argument with a woman. Stephen Gregory Hampton, 29, was charged with terrorizing as a third-degree felony, family violence as a misdemeanor and harassment as a petty misdemeanor, according to a magistrate's complaint filed in the Superior Court of Guam states.

The complaint states that the woman said Hampton retrieved an "unexploded ordnance" and began tossing it up and down and stated "how about I just throw this and blow this (expletive) up."

The responding police officer conducted a check of the apartment and confirmed the suspected explosive device was an empty shell casting with no explosive contents.

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