Munition Found At Quarry Site

Eversley, United Kingdom Workers at a quarry found a munition at the worksite and called the police to report the find. Police responded and evacuated the area before calling in the bomb squad.


UXO Found at Old Landfill Site

Nantucket, Massachusetts Two residents described by police as young men found a UXO item at the Sconset dump. The two reportedly transported the item to a house on Vestal Street before calling police to report the find.

Police responded and took custody of the item until Navy EOD arrived the following day to safely dispose of the item shown below.


Airport Temporarily Closed Due to UXO Find

London, United Kingdom All flights in and out of London City Airport were canceled for nearly a day as an EOD Team from the Royal Navy conducted a disposal operation on a WWII era 1,100 pound bomb found nearby River Thames. In addition to the airport flights being temporarily halted, nearby residents were evacuated.

The bomb was discovered at the George V Dock during pre-planned construction work. London City, the smallest of London's international airports, handled 4.5 million passengers last year. It's located in east London's docklands, an area that was heavily bombed during World War II.

Suspect UXO Hand Delivered to Hawaiian Fire Department

Kalihi, Hawaii A woman in Hawaii discovered a munition items on her property, and instead of notifying authorities, personally delivered it to the Kalihi Fire Department (KFD). Fire fighters on scene were unable to determine if the device was live not. The KFD called in the local bomb squad who resolved to take the munition away from the fire station for safe disposal.

In their report of the incident, the KFD reminded the public that all suspected ordnance should be reported so that it can be handled by the appropriate authorities. They say that when discovering any type of ordnance or suspected ordnance, citizens should contact their local police immediately and never attempt to move the item.

Boy Recovers Barnacle-Covered Bomb in Benicia

Benicia, California A young boy found a strange metal object in the waters off the coast of Benicia. The boy swam down and picked the barnacle-encrusted object up and brought it to shore to show to his father. The father recognized the device as an old grenade, and quickly called the police to report the find.

Officers arrived on scene and evacuated the area before calling in local Air Force EOD to investigate. The EOD squad from the Travis Air Force Base responded to the call and assisted in safe disposal of the grenade. They then cleared the area ensuring no more explosives were around before opening the area back up to the public. No injuries were reported from the incident.

Yet Another Reminder to Leave Potential UXO in Place

Tularosa, New Mexico While breaking down an old trailer, a New Mexico man came across a strange device. Thinking it was an old grenade of some type, he brought the suspect object to his local police department.

The Tularosa police then called the State Police and asked for a bomb technician to come examine the object. The technician determined that it was not a grenade but more likely an old smoke device of some kind. The item was taken off site to be x-rayed and properly disposed of.


Hand Grenades Found Along Roadside

Hurlock, Maryland Police responded to call from a resident who reported finding over 3 dozen hand grenades while collecting recyclables near a road. The State Fire Marshal office reported that 38 grenades were recovered in all including 9 that were live. Of the remaining, 19 had a fuse but no explosive filler and 10 were inert.

The State Fire Marshal bomb squad safely disposed of the munitions with no injuries or property damage reported. Authorities are conducting an investigation to determine the origin of the grenades and the circumstances regarding their disposal on the side of the road.

Second UXO Discovered on Construction Site

Hong Kong, China A second WWII era UXO was discovered on the construction site in China where the EOD teams had recently diffused a nearby 1,000 pound bomb. The second bomb was also reported to be a WWII era 1,000 bomb. However, this one was harder to deal with because the fuse had been badly damaged making it unsafe to move.


Standoff Results in Surprise UXO Find

Weldon Springs, Missouri When authorities were called in to calm down a potentially suicidal man in Weldon Springs, they found another dangerous matter at the scene. Following a brief standoff, after which the man was subdued, police found a potential UXO inside his vehicle.

Local businesses were evacuated and the surrounding area was cleared. The St. Charles County bomb squad along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and FBI bomb squads worked together on this incident. They believe the UXO was possibly a WWII bazooka round. The ordnance was taken care of by the combined EOD teams, and the area was opened back to the public.

UXO Techs Needed - VA / MD Area

Hello UXO Technicians

I am looking to fill multiple UXO Technician positions in and around the northern Virginia / Maryland Area. Looking for UXO Technicians III and above. In particular, UXO Safety Officer and Sr. UXO Supervisor qualified technicians needed.

Must be able to meet DDESB Technical Paper 18, Minimum Qualifications for Personnel Conducting Munitions and Explosives of Concern-Related Activities, requirements for the respective position.


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