Busy Day for EOD in the Philippians

Gattaran, Cagayan, Philippians Four rusty Japanese cartridge 81 high explosive mortars and a vintage bomb, all classified as UXO, were found in two separate locations in Gatarran in one day. The Cagayan Police Provincial Office (CPPO) reported that joint personnel of Gattaran Police Station led by its chief, Major Ronald M Balod, Cagayan Provincial EOD and K9 Unit led by Lieutenant Danilo Belnas and 2nd Maneuver Force Platoon, 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company safely removed the Japanese ordnance from a vacant lot. They also reported the discovery of a vintage bomb (exact identification not noted in the statement) in an abandoned house in Gattaran.


Magnet Fishers Rack up Fines after Pulling Rockets from Fort Stewart River

Fort Stewart, Georgia A group of treasure hunters magnet fishing in a river on Fort Stewart pulled in 86 rockets, a tank tracer round, and .50 caliber ammo belts and were rewarded with several fines from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The group, led by treasure hunter Bryce Nachtwey, called the bomb squad after discovering the cache in a Delta Airlines duffel bag. A Fort Stewart Military Police officer who responded to the scene said that he had never seen something like this, and needed to check in with his command to see what next steps to take. However, upon arrival, the Georgia DNR's local game warden ticketed them for magnet fishing off the Fort Stewart bridge.

One of the fishermen said, "I didn't see any signs." But the warden responded, "You're all gettin' tickets, you can come to court and talk to a judge, okay? The reason magnet fishing is not allowed is because of exactly what y'all got right there. You don't know what's going to blow up and not blow up."


Extreme Weather Leads to Bomb Discovery in Italian River

An unexploded WWII bomb submerged in an Italian river was discovered due to an extreme drought. According to Army official Colonel Marco Nasi, the 1,000-lb bomb was found by fishermen on the banks of the depleted River Po.

Large sections of the 400-mile river have dried up in Italy's worst drought for 70 years. The UXO, which Italian military officials said contained 530 lbs of explosives, led to the evacuation of 3,000 residents in the area so that bomb disposal experts could carry out a controlled explosion.

Mayor Francesco Apori said, "At first, some of the inhabitants said they would not move, but in the last few days we think we have persuaded everyone." Airspace and river traffic in the area were also shut down during the disposal operation.

Jersey Magnet Fishermen Reel in Rusty UXO

Bloomfield, New Jersey Friends Kevin Obiedzinski and Patrick Brown have been finding a variety of interesting items in waters of Essex County with their magnet fishing hobby. They have reeled in numerous metal items from guns and gym weights to an ATM machine, but recently they recovered an unexploded military shell from the Passaic River.

In a statement Nutley police said, "The shell, believed to be live, was then secured and removed to a safe location to be detonated."

Obiedzinski reportedly had no idea what the rusty, 25-to 30-pound object was or that it was potentially explosive. "I moved it with my hands. I carried it and the magnet stuck to it," he said. "Who knew? It was covered with rust, so you couldn't tell what it was, but it had the cylindrical shape of the shell."


New UK Housing Development Plagued by UXO Finds

Shrewsbury, England Explosive specialists were brought in to scan the gardens at a new housing development after unexploded mortars were found recently on the property. The homes were built on the site of the old Copthorne Barracks in Shrewsbury.

The developer, which plans to build more than 200 homes there in total, initially stated the site was formerly "an army base which did not hold ammunition". The barracks closed as a Ministry of Defence unit in 2012.

A spokesperson from the developer said the safety of residents, staff, contractors and the wider community was its priority. "We are currently communicating with residents to carry out a survey of gardens to ensure no further mortars are present," a spokesperson explained.

The developer said that a risk assessment conducted during the planning process deemed the chances of live ammunition being present as low, and "it is thought that the items found over the past week may have been brought back from a training exercise."

One Ton WWII Bomb Shuts Down Japanese Railway

Osaka, Japan A Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) bomb disposal unit defused and removed a 1-ton WWII-era UXO that forced West Japan Railway Company to suspend operations on two of its lines in Osaka. Approximately 2,000 residents living within a 300-meter radius of the exclusion zone were evacuated according to city officials.

The bomb, which was dropped during an air raid over Suita in WWII, measured 1.8 meters in length and 60 centimeters in diameter. It was discovered during construction work for a condominium, according to the Suita city government.


UXO Found on Scottish Beach

Lochaber, Scotland UXO was found on a beach of Kentra Bay, also known as the Singing Sands, in Scotland. Salen and Kilchoan Coast Guard Rescue Teams were initially tasked to examine the military ordnance, according to a recent social media post.

The Coast Guard secured the area and placed a printed sign to warn others of the hazard as they called the Royall Navy for help in disposing of the hazards. EOD responded and safely countercharged the items.

Mystery Bar Bomb Safely Removed

Virginia, Minnesota The Virginia Police Department was called in after contractors discovered military ordnance in the basement wall of Arrowhead Bar. Police responded to evacuate the area, and the Duluth Minnesota Air National Guard were deployed to inspect and safely remove the mortar round.

In a statement, Virginia Police Chief Nicole Mattson reported that the munition was identified as a WWII Japanese mortar. She did not indicate why it may have ended up inside the building.

After the item was safely removed, the area was reopened. The Police Department thanked the National Guard unit for their assistance.

Deputies and EOD Defuse What Could Have Been an Explosive Situation

Eddyville, Kentucky Lyon County Deputies joined forces with Fort Campbell EOD Technicians to dispose of explosives discovered in the personal belongings of a late veteran. According to a social media post from Sheriff Brent White of the Lyon County Sheriff's Office, they found yellow banded TNT, hand grenades, M117 booby trap devices, military grade blasting caps, and other military ordnance on the property.

White took the opportunity to remind anyone who comes across explosive devices to avoid touching or moving them. Instead, citizens should notify a local law enforcement agency so they can properly dispose of them.

The sheriff's office also issued thanks to the 184th Ordnance Battalion, 49th OD CO out of Ft. Campbell for their assistance, and to deputies Joe Witherspoon and Seth Pool who assisted in the safe removal of the items.

Bad 'Bombs' Come in Threes

Calaveras County, California The Calaveras County Sheriff's bomb squad was deployed three times in one week to dispose of explosives discovered in both Calaveras and Tuolumne counties, the according to a news release from the Sherriff's Department. Items recovered included an IED, a rocket-propelled grenade and about 500 old blasting caps.

The IED was found in an abandoned vehicle with expired registration that was scheduled to be towed when a loaded handgun and suspected IED were discovered. The bomb squad moved the device to a safe location and rendered it safe, confirming in the statement that there was "presence of a high explosive."

The next day, the squad was called out again when landfill workers found what they believed to be a live explosive while they were sorting through garbage. According to the press release, "During the investigation, they learned someone had thrown the (ordnance) out with their trash and may have been in there for days."

The munition was identified as a projectile from an RPG launcher. The round was countercharged and disposed of on-site in a remote location.


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