Home Construction Project Results in UXO Find

Te Puke, New Zealand A construction crew working on a residential construction project halted operations after finding a munition item. They called the police who responded and evacuated several nearby homes. The police contacted the New Zealand Defence Force bomb squad based in Auckland for technical assistance.



USACE Releases Update to EM 200-1-15

Washington, DC The USACE quietly and without coordination with industry released an update to EM 200-1-015, Technical Guidance For Military Munitions Response Actions. The changes to the Engineer Manual primarily include the addition of quality processes involving geophysical systems which "are required to provide defensible data that can support environmental decisions when characterizing munitions response sites and when making risk management decisions involving MEC." The changes also attempt to minimize performance deficiencies known to exist in products from analog geophysical methods such that they are not precluded from consideration in environmental risk management decisions.

The updated EM 200-1-015 dated October 30, 2018 can be downloaded from UXOInfo.com.

Ukraine Government Draft Bill on Landmine and UXO Clearance

Kiev, Ukraine The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, approved the first draft of a law on UXO and landmine clearance. The Bill which was approved by 240 lawmakers, is designed to provide a legal basis for demining and UXO clearance activities, included those actions carried out by humanitarian demining organizations.

The bill reads in part, "Although Russia's war against Ukraine has been going on for nearly five years, the lack of a legal framework still prevents the systematic landmine clearance in embattled areas along the 400-kilometer frontline."

The Bill estimates that approximately 22,000 square kilometers of controlled and uncontrolled territories are contaminated with landmines and/or UXO with the border between Russian-occupied Crimea also mined.

The draft bill aims to develop a universal national database of UXO and detonation incidents and obligates the Cabinet of Ministers to organize a special national agency that is meant to control and coordinate all minesweeping activities in the country. The Bill also issues accreditations valid for up to 5 years to mine clearance operators willing to work in Donbas.

British Bomb Disposal Contractor Killed By IED

Northeast Syria A civilian British Bomb Disposal expert working under a U. S. State Department program clearing UXO and IEDs was killed by an accidental IED explosion. The bomb disposal technician was working for Tetra Tech under a grant through the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement in the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (PM/WRA) at the time of the accident.

The 41-year old bomb disposal expert, Chris Harris of Hockley, Essex, was a former British Army EOD specialist who served nearly 20 years in EOD as part of the Royal Engineers. Previous tours while on active duty included Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan before leaving the military in 2014.


Magnet Fishing Yields WWII Era Mortar

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom A 22 year old man magnet fishing in the River Severn pulled up a WWII era mortar round. Recognizing that the find was potentially dangerous, the man quickly backed away and called the police.



Senior MMRP Project Manager Position


Senior MMRP Project Manager position available in a growing munitions and environmental services company with a strong munitions remediation program including explosives contaminated buildings decontamination, chemical sampling, munitions treatment and disposal, and an explosives neutralization/metal precipitation and stabilization product. Due to strong growth, a seasoned MMRP professional with experience in large project management and building / leading field-based teams responsible for UXO operations is needed.

Primary Duties:
  • managing munitions-related projects
  • client liaison
  • project logistics
  • scheduling/budgeting
  • contributing to business development initiatives
  • building teams/ personnel development.
  • developing the company's munitions demilitarization and building decontamination and deconstruction service line.

Must have previous experience leading field-based UXO operations and adept at running multiple small to medium size customer programs. Experience with USACE clients is highly desirable within the U.S and International. A military background with EOD Tech III experience is also a plus.


Ordnance Found During Yard Work

La Vale, MD Contractors working on a yard in western Maryland found a military ordnance item. The crew notified the police who called in the State Fire Marshal. A bomb disposal unit was dispatched to remove the ordnance which was identified as being inert (specific nomenclature not provided).



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