Canadian Hikers Encounter Live Mortar

Vernon, BC, Canada Hikers in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park found a suspicious device, prompting the response of an EOD team from CFB Esquimault under the direction the Joint Task Force (Pacific). "The EOD team found one live mortar round, and although it was live, it was deemed safe to handle and was transported by the EDO team to another location to be safely disposed of," said Lt. (N) Melissa Kia, public affairs officer with Maritime Forces Pacific Canadian Armed Forces. UXO finds are common in the area which is near Camp Vernon, a military training camp during WWII.

Live French WWI Round Found in Garage

Needles, California A man located a UXO in a San Bernardino garage, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Upon inspection, deputies called in the support of the Sheriff's Arson/Bomb Detail for identification and removal.

The bomb squad identified the munition as a live WWI French artillery round (specific type not reported). The bomb squad safely removed the UXO from the property for disposal. How the UXO ended up in the garage is a mystery.


Civil War UXO Found in Virginia Yard

Petersburg, Virginia Virginia State Police and Petersburg Police responded to a home in Petersburg after a Civil War-era ordnance was found. A bomb squad was called in to recover what was described as a "live mortar round" found behind the home. The surrounding area was evacuated while experts safely removed the munition to a landfill where it was detonated.

MuniRem Expands Into Israel

Corporate Sponsor Press Release

MuniRem Environmental, LLC signs exclusive agreement withExplosive Manufacturing Industries (1997) Ltd, Zichron Yaacov, Israel.

Duluth, Georgia May 30, 2018 MuniRem Environmental, LLC is delighted to announce that Explosive Manufacturing Industries (1997) Ltd (EMI) has signed an agreement to be the exclusive distributor of MuniRem Reagents in the State of Israel.

EMI will use MuniRem technology for routine decontamination and safety in their own explosives manufacturing operations, in their demilitarization operations and will be the sole supplier of MuniRem Reagents to environmental remediation and munitions companies in Israel. EMI has already established an agreement with IEOD Engineering Ltd, Tel-Aviv, Israel, which will use MuniRem Reagent in its munitions destruction, demining and other munitions remediation activities.


Magnet Fishing Nets Grenade

Castle Vale, United Kingdom A man and his nephew magnet fishing in a canal off Lathe Way, near Kingsbury Road, got a surprise catch  a WWII era hand grenade. The two called the police to report the find. The police responded and coordinated with a bomb disposal unit to conduct a controlled demolition disposal operation at nearby Pype Hayes Park. The hand grenade was safely disposed of without incident.



UXO Guest Author - Michael Hitt

Michael Hitt is an Army veteran, author and historian. He served in the 15th Field Artillery with the 2nd Infantry Division. After retiring from the army, Mr. Hitt attended Kennesaw College in Georgia where he received a degree in Criminal Justice. He went on to complete his basic law enforcement certification at the North Georgia Regional Police Academy. He then served two years with the Georgia Tech Police Department and 32 years with the Roswell Georgia Police Department before retiring in 2016 to devote more of his time to historical research.


UXO Removal Act Introduced (For Syria and Iraq)

Washington, D.C. Rep. Keating, William R. [D-MA-9] introduced legislation to require DoD to develop and implement a strategy for removing UXO in Syria and Iraq. The bill, titled the "Unexploded Ordnance Removal Act", specifically requires the U.S. government to provide assessments about threats posed by improvised explosive devices, landmines, and other ordnance to US strategic and military populations as well as the countries' civilian populations.

Keating, a senior member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and ranking member on its Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade Subcommittee said, "One imminent focus of our attention needs to be unexploded ordnance there. The Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS has caused a proliferation of mines around civilian population centers, including schools, hospitals, and places of worship. Worse, oftentimes, these devices are hidden in everyday objects such as refrigerators or toys.....If these explosives are not cleared and continue to maim and kill civilians, including children, the lasting insecurity will provide the perfect environment for the rise of other terrorist groups."


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