Dynamite Removed from Springfield Home

New Carlisle, Ohio The New Carlisle Fire Chief praised a homeowner for doing the right thing when she found what she believed to be an explosive device while cleaning her basement - she immediately notified authorities.

The Clark County sheriff's bomb disposal team responded to remove the item which was determined to be a stick of dynamite. Bomb squad personnel safely removed the dynamite from the house and transported it in a dump truck full of sand to a nearby field where it was safely counter-charged.


Explosion At Camp Minden Sparks Emergency Response

Camp Minden, Louisiana Following a magazine explosion of Clean Burning Igniter (CBI) at Camp Minden that occurred on September 29, the National Guard has decided to conduct an emergency 'in place' disposal of 200,000 pounds of CBI along with 40,000 pounds of M6 propellant in three magazines.

The decision was briefed at a town hall meeting with the EPA and LA Department of Environmental Quality reportedly on board with the decision. The decision was based upon a recommendation provided by the Army's Explosive Safety Technical Assistance Visit (TAV) team who assessed the area following the explosion.

The emergency disposal will take place on three days according to the following schedule:

  • October 17-20: 820 pounds of CBI outside of magazine #505
  • October 22: 114,336 pounds of CBI in magazine #2432
  • October 29: 85,594 pounds of CBI plus 40,349 pounds of M6 propellant in magazine #2471

The disposal will be conducted through remote means and involve an open burn of the material. Authorities do not 'expect' a detonation but are preparing for the worst. Air monitoring equipment will be in place to monitor for potential air pollution.


Military Munition Found In Residential Basement

Parsippany, New Jersey A residential property was evacuated after a military munition item found in the basement was reported to police. The Morris County Sheriff's Department Bomb Squad arrived and secured the scene. The bomb squad determined that the item was inert and did not pose a threat. Authorities suspect the item was an old souvenir.

Hurricane Matthew Unearths Old Exposives

Folly Beach, South Carolina Hurricane Matthew uncovered Civil War-era cannonballs on Folly Beach. A local resident found the old ordnance while walking along the beach.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office, Folly Beach Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, and a US Air Force EOD Team responded. EOD detonated a number of the items in place on the beach, and a few were to be taken to nearby naval base, Joint Base Charleston for destruction.


Lawsuit Filed Over Lackluster UXO Response

Vernon, British Columbia a First Nations Tribe, has decided to file a lawsuit against the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), for over two decades of neglecting to remove UXO from reservation lands. DND used the Okanagan Indian Band reserve lands for military training, including the firing of live munitions, between at least 1939 and 1990. The terms of the leases reportedly included stipulations that the department clean up and remove military munitions scrap and UXO once military use of the area ceased.


Munition Found Near School

Mantua Township, New Jersey An EOD team from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst performed a controlled detonation of a UXO item found on the grounds of Gloucester County Christian School. The munition was determined to be a 40mm round from an M-203 grenade launcher.

Contractors clearing ground in a wooded area for a nature trail found the ordnance in the late afternoon when the school day had ended. Children remaining on school grounds for after school activities were immediately evacuated as crews responded to the scene. According to officials no one was in immediate danger, but the item was located only a few hundred yards from the main school building.


Homeless Projectile Tossed By the Wayside

Victorville, California Workers on a homeless outreach project searching a desert field for homeless people made a startling discovery when they found a 155 mm projectile.


The workers called the police who responded with a local bomb squad to remove the ordnance. The projectile was determined to be live. Sheriff's office suspect that the munition was dumped illegally near a residential area.


News of a Munitions Find Sparks a Call to Police

Blakeney, Norfolk, United Kingdom After seeing a local news report about an amateur treasure hunter finding a munition, a woman realized she had two similar devices on her shelf that she found some 20 years earlier. She phoned the local police who responded with a bomb squad an Army EOD unit. EOD identified the munitions as 30mm practice projectiles (exact MK / Mod not reported). Although not considered hazardous, EOD took possession of the items for proper disposal.

Munition Found At Scrap Metal Yard Sparks Response

Lakehurst, New Jersey Workers at Sims Metal Management called police after finding a munition item mixed in with scrap metal being recycled. The Emergency Services Unit of the Newark Police Division responded and declared the 1,000 pound munition (specific type not reported) "safe". Newark police subsequently reported the discovery to officials at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst for final disposal of the munition. Find occurred on 22 September 2016.

EA Seeking to Fill Two MMRP Positions

EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. PBC (EA) A small full service environmental consulting firm home based in Hunt Valley, Maryland with 23 offices located nationwide including Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam.

Both positions will require the candidate to be located on the island of Guam. EA is looking for personnel to fill the following two new full time positions:

Munitions Response Regional Manager for Guam Operations This position entails developing and leading the munition response opportunities for the island of Guam and Hawaii. The candidate must have demonstrated experience in developing business opportunities in the Pacific Region. The candidate must possess knowledge of munitions response processes and procedures and have the ability to support the technical delivery of munition response activities on the island of Guam. The preferred candidate meets or exceed DDESB TP-18 (1 Sept 2016) requirements for UXO Technician III and is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor. EA Requisition 16120.

UXO Technician I to assist and support Munitions Response services and field environmental activities (not associated with MR activities) as required. The candidate must be a graduate and fully qualified in accordance with DDESB TP-18 (1 September 2016) for the position. EA Requisition 16119.

If interested please apply online at eaest.com for the EA requisition you're interested in pursuing.

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