Landscapers Dig Up Civil War Relic in Virginia Yard

Staunton , Virginia Landscapers were a bit shocked when they unearthed a Civil War cannonball while working in a client's yard in Virginia. Real estate agent, Jasin Singh, was looking on as one of the workers picked it up and cleaned it off.

Singh said, "As soon as I saw that, I thought 'oh my God this is a cannonball.' I had something similar happen up in Front Royal, and so I was more familiar with what to do. I'm thankful that I have that experience."


Bomb Squad Responds to Reports of UXO at Home of Known Felon

Tuscola, Michigan The Tuscola County Sheriff's Department and Michigan State Police (MSP) bomb squad responded to the home of a known felon after reports that the man living there was removing multiple firearms from the residence after a housefire.


WWII Allied Bombs Removed From Former German Train Station

Grafenwoehr, Germany Two Allied Forces bombs were found at a former train station during construction. The two bombs were identified as an 1,000-pound bomb and an 1,100-pound WII era bomb.


Box of Grenades is No Joke

Pleasanton, California The Pleasanton Police Department received a shocking delivery from a well-meaning citizen. According to police, that delivery was a box of containing grenades and some small arms that the shipper did not realize were live.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad responded to the scene to take custody of the three live grenades. "This isn't an April Fool's joke," Pleasanton police said in a social media post.

The public was reminded that if they have any potentially dangerous explosives, they should leave them in place and call the police department.

That's No Bone, Baby!

Jacksonville, Florida A Jacksonville man was shocked after he picked up a live military munition dug up by his dog, 'Baby', in his backyard. Mathew Sims says when he picked up the item, he quickly realized what it was that he was and slowly put it back down.

Sims said, "Okay is this live? You panic, then you drop. You couldn't tell what it was until you started pulling it up. Once I got it halfway out, I was like oh, I know what this is, let me gently put this back down."


More Explosives Found on 'UK's Most Dangerous' Beach

Medmerry Beach, United Kingdom British EOD carried out a controlled explosion on a Selsey beach, after the Coastguard Rescue Team was called in for reports of suspected UXO. This is the latest report in a long line of explosives found on this stretch of the South Coast that newspapers are calling "UK's most dangerous beach."

"The team located several pieces of ordnance, photos were taken and sent to EOD, and a cordon was put in place," said a spokesperson for the rescue team. "Once EOD arrived on scene, they assessed the ordnance, and a controlled explosion was carried out on a couple of the pieces as they were still explosive."


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