This section of UXOInfo.com is designed to provide users with technical information related to ordnance and weapon systems. UXOInfo.com DOES NOT HOST or HAVE ACCESS to any Government "classified" data instead, we pull information from sources throughout the web and other unclassified public domain sources. The information provided is believed to be accurate however, users should confirm any information with appropriate EOD or UXO personnel. Technical ordnance data is provided for informational purposes only to give users a better understanding of the technical issues associated with ordnance and should not be used to to replace an on-site UXO technician.

Ordnance systems are complex and diverse. In order to help you understand ordnance we have divided this section into ordnance topic areas which include:

UXOInfo.com updates this page regularly so check back often for additional information. If you would like to submit ordnance photos or data to UXOInfo.com for posting please do so here - Upload Files To UXOInfo.com

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