Schonstedt Instruments


For more information on Schonstedt Instruments' UXO Clearance equipment, please visit www.finduxo.com

MuniRem Environmental


MuniRem Environmental (MRE) is an industry leader in providing chemistry that near instantly neutralize and destroys explosives and other energetics to non-hazardous end products. Our MuniRem product degrades energetics and chemical warfare materiel (CWM), while stabilizing heavy metals as the insoluble metal sulfides. MuniRem is recognized as a safer and faster solution for removing explosive risks from different materials.

MRE's award winning innovative green solutions are delivered to its private industry and government clients by highly qualified, dedicated and driven staff of engineers, scientists and UXO professionals. MuniRem has been applied at diverse Munitions and Explosives of concern (MEC) project sites in the United States and internationally.

MuniRem has been applied to:

  • Instantly neutralize bulk explosives
  • Destroy mustard and other chemical warfare materiel to non-hazardous products
  • Decontaminate explosives contaminated buildings, pipes, equipment and range scrap
  • Remove explosive risks ahead of UXO Tech response
  • Neutralize recovered underwater munitions on-site
  • Remediate explosives contaminated soil and groundwater
  • Clean explosives manufacturing plants and indoor training ranges
  • Destroy explosives in spent activated carbon
  • Destroy chlorinated organics (e.g., HCB, PCBs, TCE, PCE, etc.)
  • Stabilize and precipitate metals as the insoluble metal sulfides
  • Destroy chlorinated organics (e.g., HCB, PCBs, TCE, PCE, etc.)
  • Remediation of metals (AL, As, Ba, Ca, Cr(IV), Hg, Pb, U, etc.) by stabilization as insoluble metal sulfides


ProFlight UAS - Aerial Photography For UXO Project Sites


ProFlight UAS is a small, veteran owned, sole proprietorship started by a long-time veteran of the UXO industry to provide modern unmanned aerial photography services to niche industries.

Specific to UXO sites, ProFlight UAS can produce detailed aerial imagery of sites capturing and documenting conditions on the ground. The detailed aerial imagery can then be utilized for planning, analysis, and reporting purposes.

ProFlight UAS' equipment is portable and rugged and can be driven or flown to any site with minimal notice. Most photographic products can be delivered within a day of completing flight operations.

For more information on ProFlight UAS, check out their website at www.ProFlightUAS.us or contact Terry Willis at (405)434-7800 or by email at terry@ProFlightUAS.us.

Sample Imagery:


HDR -Corporate Sponsor

Ordnance Holdings, Inc. (OHI)

Ordnance Holdings, Inc. (OHI) - developer and operator of UXOInfo.com, is a small certified HUB Zone business specializing in providing UXO Support Services to the industry. Services offered by UXOInfo.com include:

OHI's competitive overhead rates and experienced team make OHI the ideal contractor for your next UXO project.

For more information please contact OHI's / UXOInfo.com's Technical Director, Jonathan Sperka at (443)522-2933 x 2or email - jsperka@ordnanceholdings.com.

Visit OHI's Website.

CEIA Detectors


For More Information:
Website:www.ceia.net    Email: infoumd@ceia-spa.com    Phone:1-888-532-CEIA

ISSI UXO and Consulting Under New Management

ISSI Unexploded Ordnance, Inc., a provider of Unexploded Ordnance Remediation and Security services and solutions for Government organizations and the public sector, announced today the company will begin operating under a new name and will be known as ISSI UXO and Consulting, LLC. (ISSI), effective immediately.

At the same time, the company announces the full retirement of all four owners, and that it is under new ownership; as the former Vice President of Operations, Robert Sterling is now the sole owner of ISSI. We will continue to benefit from their mentorship over the coming years as they enjoy their well deserved retirement with their families, and we wish them only the best.

ISSI will maintain and strive to exceed historical standards of the highest quality of services and honest dealings with our employees and clients. The standards set over the last twenty-four years of service have placed ISSI among the oldest and most respected organizations within the UXO Safety Industry.


TripWire to be Featured on "Alpha Dogs" Friday Night

The Tactical Explosive Detector Dog (TEDD) Program was created by the US Army and uses specially trained dogs to search for explosive devices. Approximately 100 such dogs are deployed to Afghanistan at any time. The dogs are trained to conduct "road clear" operations where they search for IEDs just ahead of where the army unit is traveling.

UXOInfo.com sponsor, TripWire, handles dogs trained for the program and they will be featured in National Geographic's "Alpha Dogs," Friday, Feb. 15 at 9:30 PM. Don't miss it!.

For more information, visit: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com

Tripwire Operations Group

Tripwire Operations Group provides products and services used for public safety, emergency response, and homeland security. Headquartered in Gettysburg, PA and established in 2005 Tripwire has reached across the country to support hundreds of public agencies with training courses, training equipment, and operational supplies.

Tripwire's professional instructors have trained over 8500 first responders from local, state, and federal agencies as well as military personnel in specialized response to critical incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological/nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) materials.

Owned and operated by first responders for first responders Tripwire maintains federally licensed explosives importing, manufacturing and storage facilities throughout the US.

Tripwire's newest division, the Tripwire Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDTE) Program conducts laboratory and field experiments in support of national defense applications for science and technology. Tripwire RDTE maintains a laboratory facility in Philadelphia, PA at the University City Science Center. In the lab, scientists, technicians, and operations specialists carry out projects involving chemical synthesis and analysis. In the field, Tripwire RDTE investigates energetic events, hazardous materials, countermeasures, and detection equipment.


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