No Image Available Filler and Weight
Body and Overall Weight
, 8.5-pounds
Type of Round, DODIC
Bomblet, Air to Surface, Fin Stabilized,
This is an air to surface munition, used with the M35 cluster. It is hexagonal in cross section, except the tail, and measures 2-? inches across the faces of the hexagon. An extendable tail fin stabilizes the bomb in flight. The complete bomb consists of a sheet metal body, a dome, a WP igniting charge, filling, and fuze and tail assembly. The nose end is closed by a steel cup, which provides a seat for the fuze. A metal cup also closes the tail end. The dome is located behind the nose cup and separates the fuze from the filling and forms a container for two small bags of magnesium and Black Powder mix. A WP igniter charge is contained in a plastic container behind the dome and ahead of the filling. The booster end of the fuze is inside the dome and adjacent to the black powder mix. When released from the cluster, the spring loaded bar files off, freeing the fuze release pin, allowing the fuze to arm. The tail fin extends to stabilize the bomb in flight. Upon impact, the fuze ignites the black powder in the dome, which blows gases toward the bomb tail. This breaks the cup with WP and ejects the filling and the WP. The WP ignites upon contact with air and sets fire to the incendiary filling that burns for 5 to 10 seconds. Loaded in the M 35 Cluster. (Cluster contains 57 bomblets)
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