20-lb. Fragmentation Bomb, Modified Data
No Image Available Filler and Weight
Body and Overall Weight
Body section-olive drab; Nose and Tail-yellow
Type of Round, DODIC
14 parachite housing, NA
Helically wrapped around this inner stee; tube is a heavy, drawn-steel wire to provide effective fragmentation. The nose and tail sections are threaded internally; the format to receive the nose fuze, and the latter to receive the parachute housing.
This bomb consists of a U.S. 20-lb. Fragmentation Bomb, which has been altered by the attachment of a special British Parachute housing. The bomb consists of cast-steel nose and tail sections threaded to a seamless steel inner tube.
The British No. 14 Parachute Housing consists of a cast-aluminum tray containing a 12-in. diameter parachute. The tray is closed by a loosely fitting metal lid to which the parachute is attached by a short loop of cord. The shroud lines of the parachute are fitted through holes drilled around the bottom edge of the tray, and are secured by a metal ring passed through the loops of the lines. Leading from parachute is an arming line, spliced to the arming wire from the fuze. Release of the parachute withdraws the arming wire from the fuze, allowing the fuze to arm after a few seconds delay.
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