No Image Available Filler and Weight
Titanium dioxide, 0
Body and Overall Weight
NA, 3.1 lb (1.35 kg)
Type of Round, DODIC
Smoke, simulant screening, 1330-G978
The grenade consists of a plastic cylindrical main body that contains a smoke composition, a burster, a booster lead, and a safe and arm (S&A) mechanism. The S&A mechanism consists of an out-of-line spring loaded slider/bore rider containing an explosive lead and a spring loaded setback lock. A propellant assembly is retained in the body forming the complete grenade. The propellant assembly consists of a pyrotechnic delay detonator, a launch propellant, an electric match, and a propellant retainer with electrical contacts.
Used with the M250, M239, M243 and similar grenade launchers to provide means to train armored/tactical vehicle crews to employ smoke grenade launchers.
The grenades are loaded into the launching device. The electrical system is initiated to activate the electric match. The functioning of the electric match ignites the propellant charge which simultaneously ignites the delay element. Pressure builds up in the base and the grenade is ejected from the launcher device. During flight of the grenade, the delay element burns through and ignites the burster charge. The burning time of the delay element is approximately 1.7 seconds. The burster charge ruptures the plastic grenade body and disperses the mixture which forms a white smoke screen within 2 seconds after firing. A salvo of grenades produces a smoke cloud approximately 30 meters forward of the launcher, seven meters high, and obscuring a front of over a 110 degree arc. Cloud duration is approximately 45 60 seconds depending upon weather conditions.
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    TM 43-0001-29 Grenades
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