No Image Available Filler and Weight
Body and Overall Weight
Steel and cast iron, 8.25 lb
Type of Round, DODIC
AP, bounding, frag, 1345-K092
General. This mine consists of a combination mine fuze M605, a propelling charge, and a cast iron, fragmenting projectile all contained in a sheet steel case. The fuze screws into the fuze well in the top of the case and extends through the projectile to the bottom of the case where the propelling charge is located. No secondary fuze wells are provided and booby trapping of the M16 series mine will be done only by specially trained personnel. The principal difference between the M16 and M16A1 models is in the construction of the detonators and the boosters. Mine M16A2 is an advanced version of the series and incorporates only one booster detonator and delay instead of two each. This allows greater room for explosive charge.
The M16 series mines are of the bounding, fragmenting type, and are employed primarily in mixed mine fields to protect antitank mines against enemy breeching parties. They can be used by themselves in the preparation of ambushes or in the nuisance mining of areas likely to be occupied by enemy troops.
The M16 series firing mechanism is functioned by either a 3 to 15 pound pull on a trip wire or by a force of 8 to 45 pounds on one or more of the prongs protruding from the top of the fuze. This pull or push releases the firing pin which strikes the primer which ignites the fuze delay charge. The delay allows time for persons stepping on the prongs to move from directly above the mine. The fuze delay ignites the relay charge which ignites the fuze igniter charge. The fuze igniter charge ignites the mine propelling charge which projects the shell body upward and at the same time ignites the detonator delay charge. The detonator delay charge burns through and initiates the detonator which explodes boosters which explodes the bursting charge about one meter above the ground. The wrench M25 is furnished with this mine. The box end fits the shipping plug and the open end fits the fuze.
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    TM 43-0001-36 Sep 1994
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