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AwarenessLarry the Lizard UXO Coloring BookColoring book for children - featuring Larry the Lizard – warning them to stay away from UXO.Larrythelizard.pdf950 KBUnknown
AwarenessSergeant the Woof UXO Coloring BookColoring book for children - featuring Sergeant Woof – warning them to stay away from UXO.MMRP-Coloring-Book.pdf630 KBArmy Env Center
AwarenessTimmy the Tortoise Coloring BookColoring book for children - featuring Timmy the Tortoise – warning them to stay away from UXO.Timmythetortise.pdf1.2 MBUnknown
Awareness3 R’s PosterDoD’s Recognize, Retreat, and Report UXO awareness campaign poster.3rs.pdf79 KBDoD
AwarenessBy Any Name UXO PosterPoster “By Any Name” campaign to warn people of explosive hazards.anyname.pdf149 KBUnknown
AwarenessArabic UXO Warning PosterPoster (in Arabic with English translation) warning of UXO / Explosive hazards. Includes line drawings of various ordnance.arabicUXO.pdf1.25 MBUnknown
AwarenessMad Mortar Call 911 PosterPoster from DoD’s “Mad Mortar” Campaigncall911.pdf27 KBDoD
AwarenessDanger UXO Keep Out PosterPoster – Danger UXO Keep Outdangeruxo.pdf12 KBUnknown
AwarenessSpanish Danger UXO Keep Out PosterPoster – Danger UXO Keep Out in Spanishdangeruxo_spanish.pdf616 KBUnknown
AwarenessGerman Danger UXO Keep Out PosterPoster – Danger UXO Keep Out in German with English translation.entrance-german.pdf23 KBUnknown
AwarenessDanger UXO Keep Out PosterPoster – Danger UXO Keep Outkeepout.pdf9 KBUknown
AwarenessSpanish Danger UXO Keep Out PosterPoster – Danger UXO Keep Out in Spanishoesign_spanish-revised.pdf39 KBUnknown
AwarenessStop Don’t Touch UXO PosterPoster – Stop Don’t Touch UXO poster.stop.pdf23 KBUnknown
AwarenessWally the Woodchuck UXO Poster – AdultWally the Woodchuck poster for adults created for Dolly Sods.woodchuck_adult_brochure.pdf1 MBUSACE
AwarenessWally the Woodchuck UXO Poster – KidsWally the Woodchuck poster for children created for Dolly Sods, WV FUDS.woodchuck_kids_brochure.pdf1.7 MBUSACE
AwarenessUXO Hazard Warning Briefing – Dolly SodsAvoiding the Danger Zone at Dolly Sods, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia Briefing.Avoid_sdz.ppt1.1 MBUSACE
AwarenessCamp Shelby Range Control – UXO Safety EducationUXO safety education briefing for Camp Shelby, Mississippi – 17 slides that includes pictures of UXO and basic safety precautions.edslides2.ppt1.2 MBUnknown
AwarenessUXO Are Dangerous – Community Awareness BriefingBasic UXO awareness briefing designed for parents and teachers. Poor graphics but does include some ordnance pictures.adultslides.ppt3.2 MBUnknown
AwarenessCAIS Kit Awareness BriefingGeneral briefing on Chemical Agent Identification Set (CAIS) kits – 10 slides total. Very informative brief with lots of great pictures.cais.ppt4.7 MBUnknown
AwarenessShockwave File on Wally the WoodchuckWally the Woodchuck shock wave animation file on UXO basics.Wally.swf5.1 MBUSACE

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CategoryTitleDescriptionWeb Link
DetectionAnti-Personnel Landmine Detection Technology Survey and AssessmentThe short report is an assessment of some of the technologies that might be applicable in detecting landmines. The report looks at some of the commercial systems available as well as some of the promising R&D efforts. The report came to well known conclusion that a combination of sensors through sensor fusion and data fusion may provide better probablity of detection rates with higher degrees of confidence. An report also took a brief look at other disiplines that may have some applicability in the landmine detection problem.Web Link
DetectionEvaluation of MTADS at JPG 1997This document analyzes the results of a test of the MTADS vehicle towed sensor array at the Jefferson Proving Grounds in 1997. Shows favorable results for MTADS but no real technological advancements / conclusions - reads like a commercial for MTADS.Web Link
DetectionHandheld Time Domain EMID (TEMID) Sensor SystemA presentation of the time domain EM induction metal detector - hard to follow briefing.Web Link
DetectionResearch on GPR For Detection of Mines and UXO: Current Status and Research Strategy. Dec 1999The report documents the results, conclusions and recommendations of an assessment of the current research efforts with GPR systems. GPR has been around for years and the Government has spent millions on the technology with no GPR system fielded. There are many different opinions on GPR and its capabilities. Some scientists consider GPR to be the answer while others would like to see funding diverted into other technology areas. The report does a good job of trying to put a handle around GPR and suggests an outline for future focus areas. A good report that may provide industry some guidance on which aspects of GPR to focus on.Web Link
PolicyAMSAA Report - no dateA report that was prepared in order to provide supporting analysis to a UXO study committee?. The U.S. Army Material Systems analysis Activity (AMSAA) conducted the analysis and helped the committee to define an Army position on UXO. The report makes some overall general observations and comments on UXO which traditionally known throughout the industry. The report does provide some interesting statistics on UXO from the “un-official” Army perspective however some of the stats may be misleading. According to the report only a few munitions are responsible for most of the Army UXO. These munitions include the 155mm and the 8-inch DPICM artillery and the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). I guess they never been to Ft. Ord or one of the many FUD sites.Web Link
DetectionWideband Time and Frequency Domain EMI: Phenomenology and Signal ProcessingThis report reads more like a physics book that anything else. A good source for explaining the physics behind frequency and time domain electromagnetics. Recommended for engineers or geophysics who are designing instruments or want to learn more about the science behind the technology. Not recommended for someone who doesn’t have a technical background or interest in physics.Web Link
DetectionDARPA Mine Detection Field Experiment Using RFA report on a synthetic aperture radar system demonstration that was conducted at Ft Carson, Colorado. The report describes the data acquisition process, data processing and imaging activities of the conducted survey. The report is recommended for someone that wants information on synthetic aperture radar system and data processing techniques. It offers a good discussion on the data processing techniques available for radar.Web Link
DetectionMagnetic Background Survey For UXO and Mine Detection - Nov 1996.The report describes high resolution magnetic surveys of two sites at Ft A.P. Hill, VA and two sites at Ft. Carson, CO. The objectives were to characterize the background and to understand the effect of clutter on the detection of buried UXO and landmines. Cesium vapor magnetometers were used in the surveys. Recommended for people who are interested in clutter and magnetic surveys. Provides examples of magnetics data however, the graphics could use some work.Web Link
DetectionA Theoretical Performance Analysis and Simulation of Time Domain EMI Sensor Data for Landmine DetectionThe paper examines the physical phenomenology of EM sensors and models exponential damping as a function of time looking at the initial magnitude and decay rate. The paper reads more like a physics book. The paper is recommended for an engineer or geophysics with an interest in the physics behind the EM sensor.Web Link
DetectionClassification of Landmine-like Metal Targets Using Wideband EMA continuation in the series of physics based reports this one investigates a prototype wideband frequency domain EM sensor. An algorithm that incorporates a theoretical response of a sensor and the uncertainties regarding the target/sensor orientation is discussed. Recommended for engineers and geophysics with an interest in the theory behind sensors and algorithms.Web Link
DetectionResults of the MTADS Technology Demonstration at JPG Phase IIIA paper on the Naval Research Lab (NRL) sponsored MTADS towed system. The paper reads almost like a sales brochure for the MTADS system and highlights the features and capabilities of the system. Survey data images are included in the report. The report does spend a significant amount of time explaining and disagreeing with the Naval EOD Technology Division’s analysis of the JPG Phase III results. One Navy lab disagreeing with another Navy lab always makes for interesting reading. Recommended for people interested in towed arrays, data analysis and a touch of controversy.Web Link
DetectionEvaluation of the MTADS System Performance at JPG Phase IIIA continuation of the theme from the report above but with more of a scientific approach with additional theory to support NRL’s position on the performance of their MTADS technology at JPG Phase III. The JPG tests probably cost the Navy a significant amount of funds to run and analyze the data not to mention the money the Navy spent on the other side disputing the Navy’s results? Despite of the Navy vs. Navy flavor the report does raise some issues about data analysis standards and procedures. Recommend for people who are interested in data analysis.Web Link
EnvironmentalDraft Environmental Assessment - Resumption of Use of DU Rounds at Nellis AFB.Nellis Air Force Base uses depleted uranium (DU) rounds during the course of training to provide a realistic combat training environment. This Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) evaluates the impacts of implementing proposed actions and alternatives involving the use of DU. The proposed action evaluated includes the use of DU munition for training and test/evaluation purposes. The alternatives evaluated are: (1) the use of DU munition, but at lesser quantities; and (2) a no DU action alternative. The draft environmental assessment provides some background on DU and the environment and provides a good but limited discussion of potential DU impacts.Web Link
EnvironmentalDepleted Uranium - The Truth and Nothing ButA report on DU from a training developer's perspective. A well written report tailored for the lehman who doesn't have an in-depth knowledge of DU. The report talks about some of the mis-conceptions that are normally associated with DU and provides advise on how soliders can protect themselves from what hazards do exist.Web Link
TechnologyMini-Flail Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.The mini-flail is a remote operated tool designed to rapidly clear mines and shallow buried uxo. The system is basically a wheeled robot that has a flail at the front end which when rotated strikes the ground violently disrupting and destroying almost anything it its path. The document is a draft of the doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures for the flail system. The flail or versions of it have been around for many years and has proven to be an effective tool for rapid clearance of mines and shallow uxo.Web Link
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