Warning Issued After Two Grenades Found in Ohio Neighborhood

Youngstown, Ohio  A Youngstown Bomb Squad technician issued a warning after two homeowners found grenades while digging in their yards. The first grenade was reported by a homeowner in Struthers who called police after her son found the grenade while gardening in the front yard.


Camp Lejeune Range Patrol Warn Public to Stay Away from Browns Island

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina As summer approaches, base officials at Camp Lejeune are warning the public of the dangers at Browns Island. "Browns Island is a target area that Camp LeJeune Marines and other services have been shooting at or dropping bombs on since 1942," said Camp Lejeune Range Patrol Officer Nick Klaus.

"What may look like a rusty piece of metal in the sand, could actually be an explosive device," Klaus said. "Not less than a week ago, we found a 500-pound bomb that was on the shore exposed by the tide."


Artillery Round Removed from Rhode Island Home

Cranston, Rhode Island Police said a WWII artillery round was found at a home in Cranston. The State Fire Marshal's Office and Bomb Squad responded to safely remove the munition. There were no further details provided from Authorities but an image from the report appears to show a 75 mm shrapnel shell.

Farmer Finds Pineapple (Grenade) in Cornfield

Toledo, Ohio The Hancock County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to a Hancock County farm after farmer Levi Haselman found what he believed to be a hand grenade while inspecting his cornfield. According to deputies, the suspect item resembled a MK 2 grenade.

"I just knelt down and noticed a rust sticking up top like a piece of metal or something that broke off a tillage tool. So, I actually grabbed it and pulled it out of the ground and realized what it was, and I already had it in my hands," Haselman told reporters. He then notified authorities.


British Coastguard Issues a Warning after Recovering Five Ordnance Items

Birling Gap, England The Birling Gap Coastguard team responded to reports of suspected pieces of ordnance at Birling Gap. A spokesperson for the team said, "The team located five old WWII shells early on Sunday morning, then came back in the evening on the next low tide to escort the armies bomb disposal [team] to assess and remove the items."


Magnet Fishing Newbie Reels in Old Ordnance

West Country, England A man magnet fishing for the first time was shocked to pull in three old ordnance items from a West Country lake. Apex Park in Highbridge was cordoned off for several hours as police and EOD from Salisbury responded.


Grandfather Leaves Family A Deadly Artifact

Lake County, Indiana A father is dead, and his two children were injured, when a grenade detonated in their Indiana home, according to authorities. The Lake County Sheriff's Department responded to the home following a reported explosion.

The family was reportedly looking through a grandfather's belongings when they found a hand grenade. The device detonated when someone pulled its pin, the sheriff's department said.

The father was found unresponsive and later pronounced dead. His two children, a 17-year-old boy and an 18-year-old woman, were taken to an area hospital with shrapnel wounds.

The Porter County Bomb Squad responded to secure the area and search for any other explosive devices. The Lake County Sheriff's Department's investigation is on-going.

Garden UXO is No "Cartoon"

Tewkesbury, England A bomb disposal unit responded after a suspected UXO was found in a backyard garden. Tina Otto was gardening with her son-in-law when they found the suspicious device.

Army EOD responded to assess the item according to Gloucestershire Police. Neighbors in the area were advised to stay indoors until a decision could be made on the item's disposal or removal.


Magnet Fisher 'Catches' Historic Ordnance in Oxford River

Oxford, England The discovery of a suspected tank round in Castle Mill Stream led to authorities cordoning off a portion of Oxford. Police and bomb disposal experts responded after magnet fishers from Thame Magnet Fishing pulled up the device from the water.

Trevor Penny, one of the fishers said he thought it was tank ammunition, but a police officer responding believed it could be anti-aircraft round.

Penny notified police after posting pictures of the device to a social media site. He then moved the suspected munition to a field opposite the site to avoid any "unnecessary evacuations." He said, "We also asked members of the public to leave the field. Police got there within five minutes and cordoned off the area."


EOD Responds to Construction Site Adjacent to Ramstein AFB, Germany

Kaiserslautern, Germany German EOD have safely defused a WWII bomb discovered during excavation for a new electric vehicle battery plant. The 550-pound munition was located less than 20 inches underground beneath a concrete slab on the site of the former Opel car factory.

The construction site is situated between the U.S. Army's Rhine Ordnance Barracks and Pulaski Barracks, which led to a temporary delay for some incoming flights to Ramstein Air Base.


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